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Plug & Play is a collection of fully functional and ready-to-launch use cases, with pre-set analytics that can deliver quick value with minimal effort. Capitalize on Bloomreach’s expert knowledge and explore our collection of best practices.

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Our use cases, developed by Bloomreach e-commerce experts and iterated over thousands of hours, come from working with some of the top brands and include pre-defined campaigns and evaluation dashboards.

Get instant value by launching campaigns in a few clicks with ready-made templates. Test the campaign in real time today, and customize the use case based on your needs tomorrow. Our templates allow your team to speed up the adoption process and optimize the value from our platform.

Our solution offers a speedy scoping process and fast learning curve, which means an improved time to value. Adjust use cases based on real-time results and customize templates that consist of e-commerce industry best practices for marketing automation. The best part? It only takes a few clicks!

Plug & Play Library

Discover how Bloomreach customers use Engagement Plug & Play use cases to drive revenue and customer satisfaction.






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more revenue from email


increase in purchase rate


ROI from an SMS campaign


more revenue from email


increase in on-site conversion rates

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