Modern Finance for Digital Savvy Clients

As customers have access to more financial service options, providers are leveraging digital to transform the customer journey. As direct-to-consumer and self-service models become a way to achieve market leadership, organizations need modern tools that give them the freedom to deliver a holistically digital customer experience that supports new strategies, leverages the valuable data financial institutions already have, and meets high security standards.

Financial services are becoming digital at their core, creating an infrastructure of easy-to-use, easy to integrate tools and connected data that yields insights, enables data-driven decisions, improves customer experience, and lets providers plan ahead for the next generation of digital services.

Bloomreach Experience Manager (brXM) is a modern, easy-to-use Content Management (CMS) solution with an microservices architecture used to efficiently create, deliver, and personalize digital experiences across every touchpoint.

The Features Financial Services Need to Compete

Content Editing and Preview

What-you-see-is-what-you get editing and publishing without IT intervention, including with Single Page Applications and mobile sites.


Custom user roles, scheduled publishing, project workflow, multi-lingual support, versioning and rollback provide enterprise efficiency.

Content Reuse

Edit once, publish anywhere. Keep the journey consistent and scale content and services across any touchpoint.

Personalization and Segmentation

Leverage both native analytics and third party business intelligence tools to drive relevant experiences.

APIs & Microservices

A headless friendly architecture integrates with legacy and future technologies. Experiment quickly with new touchpoints and avoid technology lock-in.


Works with existing infrastructure to support your VPN, security names, DDoS mitigation, two factor authentication and single sign on. Flexible cloud deployment supports a hybrid setup with sensitive information stored on-premise with select information sent to the cloud.

Research and Insights

50 Minute Webinar: Transforming the Digital Experience at Ameriprise Financial

Learn how Ameriprise Financial have transformed their Digital Experience


Disruption in Financial Services: How to Beat Competition Through Digital Innovation

How companies can transition from an agent-led to a digitally-driven operating model


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