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Retail Success in the Age of Amazon

Win head-to-head against retail giants with a superior shopping experience.

Trusted by 100s of innovative companies

Differentiate the Retail Experience

In the age of Amazon, retailers are pressed to compete by providing new, differentiated shopping experiences across every channel - and do so before the competition.

Bloomreach Experience (brX) is the solution to build a differentiated, best-in-class shopping experience. The only platform to combine intelligent site search with a flexible content management system, all with a microservices architecture.

Connect & Customize the Journey

Products, content, and services can be combined seamlessly and efficiently across every touchpoint. Unlock the power to scale market leading customer experiences without breaking the bank.

Bloomreach enables us to connect all the different touch points and deliver a seamless customer experience that really delights our customers and turns them into brand ambassadors.

Ramon Bueno, Head of Enterprise Architecture at Desigual

AI Powered Site Experience

Highly relevant, semantically aware search combines machine-learning with human customization. Automatically optimize search, merchandising, marketing, and SEO efforts to deliver a relevant experience driven by your unique business goals.

We’re less focused on the day-to-day manual effort and tackling more bigger-picture problems, like how do we drive product discovery and expose users to new categories, new products, new services.

Doug Gribbel, Senior Manager of Global eCommerce Search at Staples

High Velocity, Best-in-Class Technical Architecture

Modular design supports immediate or gradual migration to experience-led, microservices and SPA architecture that works with any eCommerce platform. Stop the replatforming hamster wheel and build scalable, differentiated experiences - fast.

The platform has literally paid for itself and then more. Since the initial upfront investment, the savings have been realized in less than a year.

Ryan Saghir, Director of Digital Marketing at Sabra

The Features Retailers Need to Compete

Relevant Results with Semantic Search

Better relevance than the competition with a semantic search engine that understands meaning. Combine your products and customer language with over four years of research and investment to deliver relevant, personal results to every customer.

Human & Machine Merchandising

Analytics, tools and testing give merchandising teams the insights to make strategic decisions while AI takes care of the grind to scale impact. Control catalogues, manage facets, and measure KPI influence from one central dashboard.

Market-leading AI and Algorithms

Proven AI technology used by over 20% of Internet Retailer’s top 100 companies. Designed to deeply understand intent and language, Bloomreach algorithms allow you to go head-to-head with the Amazon experience and win.

Flexible Content Management

Analyst recognized market leading CMS with a flexible, microservices architecture and intuitive UI. Marketers and developers have the freedom to create differentiated, intelligent and connected content experiences that scale.

Content & Product Personalization

Rich capabilities for 1-to-1 and segment personalization built into your content, search and merchandising experiences. Fuel personalization efforts with any data source.

Customizable Algorithms

Collaborate with AI to build your custom retailing strategy into merchandising, search, and content delivery. Deploy in your current experience and create new API-driven widgets to level up the experience.

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