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brX: The Bloomreach Experience Cloud

brX is the Experience Cloud for Commerce. brX is an API-first, headless solution that is infused with intelligence so you can build unique experiences fast and grow faster.

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The State of Commerce Experience: Data, Analysis and Insights

Comprehensive research conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by Bloomreach

Explore findings from The State of Commerce Experience study (SoCE) and/or join us for a virtual events series where key insights from the definitive study will be shared and discussed.

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Go From Monolith to Modern Headless Architecture

Legacy, inflexible commerce and content solutions are holding enterprises back from building unique experiences and growing fast. The brX experience cloud runs on top of a headless commerce solution - with or without a commerce re-platform. It is the only solution that combines intelligence-infused business tooling for merchandisers and marketers to optimize and personalize commerce and content experiences, with headless APIs to enable developer agility.

Sean, Marketing

Finally I have the intuitive tools I need to manage content and execute marketing myself. I can change the site or app, leverage personalization and optimize my customers’ experiences without having to  queue up to get the developers time. 

Lisa, Merchandising

Now I can use an intelligent system that drives category pages, search, landing pages, and even optimizes SEO. We use personalization and automation across the customer experience, while I still have the controls and insights I need to drive my business.

Alex, Development

I can now focus on what really matters. I no longer have to get involved in small content updates or laborious site changes, the business people now have the tools they need and the headless architecture means I can work faster on the things that really matter.

Customers are able to find products and add them to cart much faster with Bloomreach. Overall, our basket-building speed went up by over 25%.

Shanti Vellanki, IT Director at Albertsons

The platform has literally paid for itself and then more. Since the initial upfront investment, the savings have been realized in less than a year.

Ryan Saghir, Director of Digital Marketing at Sabra

If you show customers what they’re looking for, they’ll purchase. In the first six months of implementing Bloomreach, we saw a 40% increase in revenue generated from search.

Monica Cleveland, CMO at The Annie Selke Companies

We definitely get the sense that we are tackling more bigger picture problems, like how do we drive product discovery and expose users to new categories, new products, new services.

Doug Gribbel, Senior Manager of Global eCommerce Search at Staples

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Staples wanted to modernize their outdated site search technology to personalize and automate at scale.

  • 3.5% Revenue per Visitor lift on B2B site
  • 4.4% RPV lift on

Bosch wanted to create multiple unique experiences at the country level, while promoting and aligning holistic experiences globally.

  • Increased team efficiency and scalability
  • Accelerated B2B eCommerce via a "headless" solution

Annie Selke wanted to grow their customer base by creating a frictionless shopping experience from start to finish.

  • 40% increased revenue generated from search
  • 34% lift in revenue through intelligent merchandising

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