Empower your team to manage what matters on your search and category pages with easy tools and impactful insights.

Visual Editor

Optimize search results with our easy visual editor. See exactly what results appear for each query, and create rules in a few clicks to adapt the results to your goals. You can also see the exact conversion rate, ATC rate, revenue, and association score for every product in the grid, so you know exactly why each product appears.


Our intelligent insights proactively suggest opportunities for improvements across your site, so you can focus on changes that will make an impact.

A/B Testing

Stop guessing – every time you make a change, you can run it as an A/B test to make sure it’s the right decision for your business.

Boost and Bury

Boost, bury, pin, and hide – Bloomreach empowers you with flexible control over how products appear on your site, from subtly increasing the weighting of an attribute to pinning a product in the #1 spot.

Rule Management

Create and manage rules for ranking, synonyms, facets, and more.

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Merchandising FAQ

Common question(s) about Bloomreach's Merchandising product with Bloomreach Discovery.

Bloomreach believes that merchandisers need AI to help scale their efforts, but that doesn't mean we take it all out of your control. Our Insights reports and easy rule creation allow you to adapt your category pages and key queries however you need to, with clear metrics on why products are ranking certain ways. Merchandisers typically spend 30-50% fewer hours on mundane tasks with Bloomreach.

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