Simplify the Science and Art of Ecommerce Merchandising

Deliver personalized shopping experiences at scale with our industry-leading ecommerce merchandising tool that empowers merchandisers to do what they do best.

Take Charge of Your Customer's Browsing Experience

Take as Much (Or as Little) Control as You Want

Boost and bury products at scale with time-boxed ranking rules, or block products that you don’t want to show up in a search at all. Add your own tweaks to the algorithm with soft boosts that affect all products with the same attribute, such as color, size, or brand.

Use a Visual Editor That Works With You, Not Against You

Bloomreach makes it simple to create and maintain merchandising category pages. See the results that appear for search queries and plan your strategy for categories around performance metrics like add-to-cart rates, revenue, and conversions.

Boost Efficiency With AI-Driven Merchandising Algorithms

Start your day with the best optimization opportunities suggested by Loomi AI, artificial intelligence built specifically for commerce. Cut down on decision-making time and make data-driven merchandising easier.

Streamline Merchandising With Both AI and Manual Controls

Curate Experiences with Slot-Based Merchandising

Planning a new product launch campaign with a collection that requires a very specific sequence? Use our slot-based merchandising to curate an experience your shoppers will love — since you know them best.

Use Behavior-Based Segments To Unlock Limitless Personalization

Use meaningful behavioral data to identify, target, and customize the entirety of a customer’s shopping experience at scale — from their very first visit. Personalize search results, boost products, and craft customer rules to create better visitor experiences and business outcomes for each segment.

Remove the Guesswork With A/B Testing

With our built-in A/B testing, modern-day ecommerce merchandising isn’t a guessing game. Test every redirect, search ranking rule, or category ranking rule and use the data to confidently plan out next quarter’s strategy.

Stay on the Edge of Search and Merchandising Innovation​

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Bloomreach Named A Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Commerce Search And Product Discovery, Q3 2023


Bloomreach Amplifies the Power of its Ecommerce Search and Merchandising With Google Cloud AI

Common Questions About Merchandising

What is merchandising in ecommerce?

Merchandising in ecommerce has the same goal as traditional merchandising — product placement to maximize conversion. But your website is your storefront, and the myriad ways that you can place a product on your site is tied to your merchandising strategies and goals.

An e-commerce merchandising tool enhances online shopping experiences to drive sales. It optimizes how products are presented and promoted on your website. These tools offer features like recommendations, promotions, and visual displays. The goal is to automate merchandising processes for better results.

An ecommerce merchandising tool should include a good mix of manual capabilities and artificial intelligence. AI can find optimizations or seasonal trends based on shopping behavior to drive new revenue. Then, a product grid editor will allow your merchandisers to review the AI’s suggestions with various merchandising capabilities, such as boosting, burying, or blocking products.

Gone are the days when ecommerce experiences looked like cluttered rows of random products. A strong merchandising tool like Bloomreach helps curate a personalized online shopping experience reflective of your brand. It also allows for more flexibility and control. Best of all, merchandisers have data-driven insights to back each decision.

E-commerce merchandising tools start with the customer. They aim to create an engaging shopping experience that’s personalized and relevant. With AI, practitioners can optimize search, tailor product recommendations, and use strategic discounts to improve product discovery. This helps ensure a quicker path to purchase for increased revenue.

Merchandisers need AI to scale their product discovery efforts. This doesn’t mean we take your entire workflow out of your control, though. Our insight reports and rule-creation processes allow your team to adapt category pages and key queries, with clear metrics on why products rank in certain ways. Merchandisers typically spend 30-50% fewer hours on mundane tasks with our solution.

Experience Limitless Optimization For Yourself

Explore Bloomreach’s powerful solutions for personalized experiences and seamless customer journeys. See our platform in action and learn how you can streamline your workflows, elevate the customer experience, and drive bottom-line impact. 


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