Text Less, Convert More With Personalized SMS

Flashy SMS features are fun, but you need an omnichannel strategy to drive real ROI. Access all your data to send fewer texts, save on sending costs, and still convert more customers by truly personalizing every message.

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SMS Point Solutions Aren’t Solving Anything

Don’t just add another siloed channel to your tech stack. Bloomreach weaves SMS into your omnichannel strategy to help you build more effective and efficient campaigns.

Built-In Omnichannel Data

Powered by our customer data engine, Bloomreach unifies every known and anonymous interaction, both online and offline, into a user profile. Create messages based on customer properties, predicted behavior, or actions taken on any channel. No data silos here.

AI-Powered Actions

Harness our sophisticated AI, Loomi, to continuously improve your customer’s experience. With 1:1 optimal send times, content generation, product recommendations, and best-channel predictions, your messages will always hit the mark.

Accurate Attribution

See all of your channel and performance data in one place, so you know what’s actually working. Our attribution models are fully customizable and transparent, and we don’t take extra credit for revenue that isn’t ours to claim.

Grow Your List Quickly (And Compliantly)

Build your SMS audience with TCPA-compliant sign-up units that include flexible targeting and display settings. We include the required legal language so you can feel confident that your opt-ins meet necessary consent requirements. Plus, text-to-join keywords give you the flexibility to promote your SMS program anywhere.

Create Click-Worthy SMS Campaigns in Seconds

Easily create, test, and preview SMS/MMS campaigns with our visual builder. Create one-off campaigns or complex omnichannel experiences using our journey builder to seamlessly incorporate SMS into your cross-channel strategy. Drive revenue quickly with an SMS template library that includes pre-built messages based on high-converting campaigns.

Send Less With Smarter Segments

Powered by a built-in customer data engine, our platform creates a single view of your customers with all of their data in one place. Create more sophisticated segments than SMS point solutions and save on sending costs by using all of your data, not just pieces of it, to target customers who are most likely to engage and convert.

Personalize Messages With Product Recommendations

With Bloomreach, product recommendations aren’t limited to just email. Set up rule-based or AI-driven product recommendations that display the perfect product for every subscriber based on their unique behaviors and attributes. Plus, you can add them to your website for a cohesive cross-channel experience.

Capture Zero-Party Data With Keyword Responses

Let subscribers choose their own adventure with keyword responses. Ask questions and use their replies to capture zero-party data and trigger responses that further personalize future messages, encourage conversations, and increase engagement.

Send Every Message at the Perfect Time

Loomi-powered optimal send time takes the guesswork out of determining when to send your message. The model is trained on historical click data at the recipient level and stored as a custom profile attribute, so you can personalize down to the moment of delivery and send messages when each subscriber is most likely to engage.

Stay Compliant With Built-In Protection

Daunted by SMS compliance? Don’t be. Our built-in TCPA list validation prevents violations before they occur. Bloomreach helps you remove reassigned numbers and litigators, set up silent hours to prevent sending messages when you shouldn’t, manage consent to capture double opt-ins, and prevent over-sending with a smart frequency policy.

Measure Success (And Repeat It)

Stay up to date on your SMS channel performance with our SMS performance dashboard. Get a quick snapshot of revenue and conversion data along with detailed audience engagement and deliverability statistics. Plus, with customizable and transparent attribution, you always know what’s working and what’s not.

Integrate With Your Entire Stack

Connect to various third‑party services with 130+ built‑in integrations. Or use our API to enrich your data and ensure you have everything it takes to deliver highly personalized SMS campaigns. We help you access all of your data, all in one place.

Consolidate Your Entire Mobile Strategy

Bloomreach also offers additional mobile channels like WhatsApp and Mobile App Marketing, including in-app messaging, mobile push, and app inbox. Ensure personalized messaging across all mobile channels and coordinate your segments and data sets from a single place.

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SMS Marketing FAQs

Common questions about Bloomreach's SMS Marketing products with Bloomreach Engagement.

Our flexible pricing lets you start with any part of the Bloomreach platform and add on what you need, as you need it. You won’t be paying for seats or contacts. Bloomreach’s pricing is primarily determined by your volume of data and SMS/MMS sent. We have negotiated competitive rates with leading SMS aggregators to ensure you can focus on the full value of the platform, not how much each message costs. This allows us to generate incredible ROI for fast-growing companies at all stages of growth.

We offer a 30-day free trial for SMS for select customers. Once you request trial access, an advisor will reach out to make sure it’s a good fit and help you through implementation and set up. You will be able to connect to your ecommerce store, sync data with your tech stack, and use many of our features for free, including: Our customer data engine and single customer view, sign-up units to grow your list, journey orchestration, analytics, and reporting. To learn more and request a trial, click here.

Yes! While we commonly refer to SMS/MMS as just “SMS,” rest assured that we support both message types. An MMS is just an SMS with images or media files included (like contact cards, or .GIFs). You can easily switch between SMS and MMS message types in our visual builder depending on what your campaign requires. MMS messages do incur higher sending costs, so keep an eye on message length and use them strategically.

We work with leading aggregators like Sinch and Infobip to ensure you have the best sending experience. We provide native integrations with these providers, but can also integrate with others via API.

You bet — it’s one of the things that we do best. With 130+ integrations (and growing) you can sync as much of your data as you want across ecommerce, email, SMS, loyalty, web, and analytics sources. Need to get granular? Our API lets you customize what data you pull in to truly fit your omnichannel needs.

We know how important it is to see an accurate picture of your performance. While our out-of-the-box reports use a default attribution window set to 7 days post-click, you can build custom reports with fully customizable attribution windows and criteria. We’re not interested in taking credit for your revenue, just showing you how to maximize it.

Of course. We know how much work goes into growing your owned audience. While other providers may hold your list hostage, we don’t prevent you from exporting it. We do recommend consulting legal counsel to ensure your list complies with the necessary consent requirements in your region.

Bloomreach Engagement is not an SMS point solution. It is an omnichannel marketing platform with a built-in customer data engine that unifies all customer data, interactions, preferences, and predicted behavior. You can start with a single channel, like SMS, and add more as you grow. With Bloomreach, your data sets and audiences are consistent and accessible on all your channels, so your SMS strategy will always be informed by and in sync with all other campaigns — and you ultimately save on SMS sending costs by being hyper-targeted and personalized.

Our pricing is structured to start anywhere and grow at your own pace. You can buy just the SMS messaging module and get access to SMS, MMS, Whatsapp, and all our data and analytics features. Additional add-ons like mobile app features and upgrades can be purchased separately. If and when you are ready to grow, you can add more channels like email, web personalization, and ads.

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