Increase Reach and Drive Actions With Personalized SMS and Mobile Messaging

A well-timed message can capture attention, drive actions, and provide a richer customer experience. Bloomreach Engagement allows users to enable mobile push notifications and leverage native integrations with SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp to seamlessly deliver personalized content to the one consumer device that's almost always at hand: the mobile phone.

Easily Personalize Text Messaging for Every Customer

Use natively integrated SMS channels to send messages — personalized with zero- and first-party data captured with the Engagement platform — to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of targeted campaigns. Tailoring promotions and notifications with customer-specific content can boost engagement and retention.

Enhance Customer Experience With MMS

Native MMS channels support multimedia content to visually enhance messages, resulting in increased engagement and brand awareness. Include images and videos within messages to drive mobile application downloads, greet new customers, deliver seasonal promotions, and much more.

Create SMS and MMS Without Complex Coding or IT Help

Use our WYSIWYG editor to easily design and preview messages without the need for IT. Configure consent protocols and frequency policies to ensure customers are not overloaded with messages. Enable predictions in SMS and MMS channels to target specific audience segments based on churn probability or purchase intent.

Enable Two-way Messaging

Track replies to your SMS and MMS as campaign events for further automation. This allows customers to easily opt in or out. When combined with keyword auto-response, customers can get help by automatically triggering a response when a customer replies with a pre-configured keyword.

Capture Attention With Mobile Push Notifications

Mobile push notifications can alert customers about time sensitive information and keep them engaged to reduce churn. This can be used to notify them of product updates, promotions, and special announcements, or to remind them to complete shopping cart actions.

Expand Your Reach With WhatsApp Integration

Leverage built-in integrations with popular messaging applications like WhatsApp to send and receive transactional and promotional messages through a channel that many customers now prefer to use. Use WhatsApp to instantly send product back-in-stock reminders and price alerts, convert abandoned carts, or track delivery updates. Combine this with other channels  like email and in-app messaging to offer a seamless experience for your customers.

Offer a Consistent Omnichannel Experience

A simple SMS or push message can drive a customer towards a richer experience on your website or in your app. Use mobile messaging strategically as part of your the customer lifecycle messaging and combine with predictions and other channels to provide a seamless and consistent experience to customers, no matter where they engage.
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