Turn Chats Into Sales: Top Use Cases for Bloomreach’s WhatsApp Integration

Kristian Tomas
Kristian Tomas
Top WhatsApp use cases with Bloomreach's integration

Did you know that WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app, handling over 100 billion messages daily? It seamlessly combines the immediacy of messaging with the personal touch of social media, making it an indispensable tool for ecommerce brands that aim to forge direct, personalized connections with their customers.

At Bloomreach, we harness the power of WhatsApp to provide our clients with seamless, effective communication tools that not only enhance customer interactions but also drive conversions. Our revamped WhatsApp native integration now includes interactive message formats like Choice Message and List Messages, setting new standards for customer engagement. Nearly 60% of WhatsApp users actively engage with brands, and 66% of those interactions lead to purchases, highlighting the significant potential for business growth and enhanced customer engagement.

Explore our top use cases to discover how these upgrades facilitate dynamic two-way conversations and enable targeted messaging that resonates with users, fostering increased conversions and boosting engagement.

Welcome Campaigns

Give your new customers a warm welcome using Bloomreach’s WhatsApp integration. Send personalized welcome messages as soon as a customer signs up or opts in for updates. These key moments are perfect for introducing your brand, highlighting what makes you unique, and showcasing your most popular products with engaging visuals and links.  

You can also trigger the campaign when a user opts into WhatsApp messages. An opt-in means that your shopper is interested in your brand, even if they haven’t made a purchase yet. Consider offering exclusive discounts or early access to new products to spark interest and encourage their first buy. By combining text, images, and special offers to deliver a message that resonates, you can transform new customers into loyal fans from the very beginning.

Welcome campaign in WhatsApp with the Bloomreach integration

App Download Campaigns

If you have an app and are looking to boost downloads, use our WhatsApp integration to reach out to recent buyers with personalized messages highlighting the app’s benefits, like managing loyalty points. Reengage new sign-ups with a timely reminder about your app’s advantages, capitalizing on their initial interest.

You can also use WhatsApp to promote new features in your app. Our integration makes it easy to create targeted messages that encourage users to download the app (if they haven’t already) and explore what’s new, driving app engagement.

Encouraging mobile app downloads via WhatsApp

Deals and Promotions

Take advantage of WhatsApp’s impressive open rates (which boast a baseline of 58%) to dynamically promote your deals and promotions. Interactive buttons on WhatsApp guide customers to dedicated discount pages, streamlining their shopping journey and enhancing the potential for increased promotional traffic.

Take it one step further with personalization opportunities. Offer special discounts to loyal customers celebrating their purchase anniversaries, birthdays, or achieving loyalty program milestones. A single tap within WhatsApp’s chat window can transform casual browsing into a quick purchase, elevating customer lifetime value along the way.

Send personalized deals and promotions with the Bloomreach WhatsApp integration

Personalized Shopping Assistance

Personalized shopping assistance isn’t just a luxury — it’s a feature we bring directly to your customers’ pockets through our WhatsApp integration. This tool utilizes customer-provided data and interactive messaging to craft a shopping experience tailored specifically to their preferences, all within the familiar interface of WhatsApp chats.

This use case is particularly valuable when onboarding new users or reengaging existing ones. Bloomreach empowers you to guide them through the buying journey, answer questions in real time, and suggest relevant products based on their preferences. This personalized support not only enriches customer loyalty and simplifies the buying process but also increases conversions. Additionally, the interactive format makes users feel valued and allows the collection of zero-party data directly through the questionnaires, unlocking a goldmine of insights to supercharge your future personalization strategies.

Use zero-party data in Bloomreach to deliver personalized shopping assistance in WhatsApp

Cross-Selling and Upselling

In marketing, timing is everything. The trick is identifying the window of opportunity and making your move. Our integration changes the game for cross-selling and upselling. Reach out to customers shortly after they buy something, when they’re most receptive, with suggestions that entice them to make follow-up purchases. WhatsApp’s immediacy makes the platform perfect for capitalizing on this purchase momentum. 

Let’s say that your customer just bought a pair of running shoes. With Bloomreach’s WhatsApp integration, you can send a timely follow-up message with complementary items like shoelaces and socks. This approach boosts customer satisfaction and average order value by presenting relevant products exactly when they will be appreciated.

Use Bloomreach to send cross-sell or upsell product recommendations in WhatsApp

Initial Value Campaigns

Let’s say you’ve recently onboarded a new customer, but days pass without a first purchase. Instead of waiting around, accelerate the process by using WhatsApp to reengage users who have yet to convert after onboarding.

Bloomreach helps you identify those who haven’t purchased by leveraging user data and behavior. Then, you can send these users targeted WhatsApp messages that address any hesitation they might have. For example, you could offer a discount relevant to their interests, highlight features they haven’t explored, or provide helpful content to address any lingering questions. By reengaging these users with personalized outreach on a familiar platform like WhatsApp, you can gently steer them toward that first purchase and drive overall user engagement.

Engage customers in WhatsApp immediately with initial value campaigns

Abandoned Cart Notifications

Abandoned carts are like forgotten treasures. Bloomreach helps customers bring them home. Automate abandoned cart notifications and boost your conversion rates with our WhatsApp integration. Within a few hours of cart abandonment, Bloomreach triggers a personalized WhatsApp message reminding your shopper about the forgotten items. Make the touchpoint even more enticing with product images and a direct link to their cart. This immediate nudge capitalizes on their lingering interest and significantly increases your chances of recovering the abandoned purchase.

Boost conversions with an abandoned cart message delivered to WhatsApp

WhatsApp Surveys

If you want valuable intel about your customers, the best way to get it is to ask them for it. Together, Bloomreach and WhatsApp provide surveys that leverage the messaging platform’s high engagement to gather valuable customer feedback. With our integration, you can send a quick and convenient WhatsApp survey right after a purchase or a customer service interaction. 

No need to wait around for email survey responses or gamble with directing users to external links. Because marketers can include Quick Replies with every message, teams can deploy short, targeted questions customers can answer directly within the chat with a simple tap of a button. From there, you can gather real-time insights on topics like product satisfaction, customer service experiences, and areas for improvement in a user-friendly format. 

Send surveys in WhatsApp to get insights for future campaigns with Bloomreach's integration

Booking Confirmations

Have you ever booked an appointment and worried it didn’t go through? Eliminate confusion and provide instant peace of mind with a WhatsApp integration feature that sends booking confirmations immediately after customers make a reservation. This simple yet powerful approach keeps everyone on the same page and sparks customer confidence in your business. 

Send automatic booking confirmations in WhatsApp with the Bloomreach integration

Personalized Recommendations

WhatsApp fosters connection, and Bloomreach’s Loomi AI unlocks personalized experiences. Our integration delivers highly relevant product recommendations directly to your customers, fostering deeper engagement and driving sales. These personalized recommendations are strategically timed throughout the customer journey, prompting shoppers to explore new items, consider complementary purchases, or revisit abandoned carts. WhatsApp’s immediacy and high open rates ensure these messages reach your customers at the right time, driving conversions and increasing customer lifetime value.

Connect WhatsApp with Bloomreach to send personalized recommendations

Bloomreach and WhatsApp: Communicate Better, Convert More

WhatsApp is one of the world’s leading communications platforms — and for good reason. Using WhatsApp is easy and fun, and for many, it’s becoming a favored way to shop. 

Now, ecommerce brands can make good use of Bloomreach’s power on WhatsApp, increasing revenue with the easy connectivity of WhatsApp and the robust ecommerce intelligence of Bloomreach. Plus, these are just some of our top use cases — there’s no shortage of ways to use Bloomreach and WhatsApp to knock your sales goals out of the park.

Curious about what a WhatsApp integration could do for your business? Request a demo now.


Kristian Tomas

Associate Product Marketing Manager
Kristian is an Associate Product Marketing Manager who thrives on shaking things up and pushing boundaries in marketing. He loves diving into data and crafting strategies that challenge the status quo while making a tangible impact. Outside of work, Kristian is passionate about embracing new technologies and finding innovative ways to enhance everyday life.

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