Easily Create Personalized Web Experiences

Personalization doesn’t need to be hard or just a concept that looks good on paper. Bloomreach’s Web & App Personalization is different from anything on the market because it is powered by real-time first-party customer data. With no-code builders and a range of AI/ML tools to create high-performing campaigns, Bloomreach makes it possible for anyone to build uniquely personalized web experiences at scale.

Don’t Be Limited by Third-party Data Limitations

Unlike cookie-based solutions that only capture a point in time and are subject to third-party data limitations, Bloomreach’s web and app personalisation combines real-time browsing behaviour with first-party customer data from all sources so you can go deeper to meaningfully transform the customer experience.

Utilize AI-powered Contextual Personalization

Instead of “which variant is best for everyone”, ask “which variant is best for each customer?” Contextual personalization relies on AI instead of manual A/B testing to find the optimal variant for each customer. By considering each individual user’s context, we make it possible to achieve true 1:1 personalization.

Deliver Real-time Personalized Product Recommendations Fast

Deliver personalized product recommendations, even for first time anonymous visitors, in as little as 0.1 seconds,. Transform the in-session experience as well as future sessions, with relevant personalization by creating anonymous user profiles. Retain that rich personalization history by turning anonymous profiles into identified customers when they sign up.

Drive Behavior With Segmented Targeting

Drive customer behaviour and conversions with tools like social proofing, on-exit intent banners, countdown timers, and unique discount banners personalized based on real-time interactions with web layers, mobile push, and in-app notifications.

Reach High-intent Audiences With Predictions

Create intelligent campaigns targeted at the right audience. Leverage Bloomreach’s out-of-the-box predictions like the probability to purchase or churn intent, or create your own optimised predictions to find the right opportunities and serve relevant content.

Personalize Better With Zero-party Data

The best way to understand customers is to ask them. Know your customers and their presences in real-time and deliver on the demand for both privacy and personalization - our solution lets you collect customer data and provide them with immediate value in exchange across any and all digital touchpoints.

Discover Built-in Analytics and Customer Journey Insights

Truly impactful personalization can only be achieved when customer behaviour is understood and anticipated. Bloomreach web personalization is prebuilt with advances customer journey analytics. Connect to any data source, define custom metrics and attributes based on historical and real-time customer behaviour, and target the right segments - without data or tech assistance - so you’re never leaving money on the table.

Quick Time to Value With Plug-and-Play Solutions

Realize quick ROI with out-of-the-box use cases that can be deployed within hours, and tap into a deep well of expert knowledge that Bloomreach has collected over the years of working with the top players in the market.

A/B test and Optimise at Scale

Optimise conversions by modifying and website element or completely transforming the visual appearance of the website of your dreams - all without relying on any other teams.

Learn more about Experiments and A/B test

Optimize the Customer Experience With Server-side Personalization

Realize the vision of true omnichannel personalization and superior customer experience with managed endpoints (also known as server-side personalization). Get the flexibility to leverage zero- and first-party data within Bloomreach Engagement to personalize any customer touchpoint, all while maintaining security and data privacy, fast load times, and superior page performance.

Learn more about server-side testing and managed endpoints

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