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HP Tronic Wins With Weblayers and Bloomreach Engagement

HP Tronic is a leader in the consumer electronics and household appliances market in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In business for over 30 years, HP Tronic has its own chain of stores and several e-shops, in addition to running hotels and restaurants.

increase in conversion rate among new customers in the Czech Republic who received the welcome campaign weblayer
increase in conversion rate among new customers in Slovakia who received the welcome campaign weblayer

The Challenge

In its first few weeks with Bloomreach Engagement, HP Tronic wanted to focus on converting curious visitors to its brands’ websites into loyal customers. 

It had tried to use coupons and other vouchers via email campaigns with a past provider to convert visitors, but the results were not what the company had been hoping for. 

What HP Tronic really needed was a way to motivate new visitors to engage with its products without having to leave the website to get a coupon or voucher code.

The Solution

Weblayers are personalized banners that can be shown on specific pages of a website to a specific audience to drive engagement and conversion. It’s important to note that they are not pop-ups, which means they will not be blocked by pop-up blockers. 

Just one month after implementing Bloomreach Engagement, HP Tronic launched a welcome campaign with weblayers to turn first-time visitors and browsers into buyers. When the Datart browser cookies recognized a new visitor, a weblayer would appear on the visitor’s screen. 

But rather than ask for an email address or other personal information, the weblayer gave the first-time visitor a €20 voucher for any purchase made on the website. Customers could copy their discount code directly from the on-site voucher to use upon checkout.

The Results

HP Tronic’s welcome campaign — the very first campaign HP Tronic ever ran with weblayers and Bloomreach Engagement — was extremely successful and statistically significant for the consumer electronics leader. 

HP Tronic saw a 16.4% conversion rate — a 136% increase  —  among new customers in the Czech Republic who received the welcome campaign weblayer. In Slovakia, they drove a similar 15.2% rate, or a 133% increase. 

Thanks to Bloomreach Engagement, HP Tronic was able to make a great first impression and attract a new group of loyal customers.