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Point Solutions

Data Unification

Campaign Execution
Campaigns are executed through multiple 3rd party solutions. Each campaign execution system uses its own source of data which leads to siloed customer data, fragmented customer profile, and disconnected customer experiences.


Data Unification
YES - All data sources are centralized within a CDP, thus breaking data silos and creating a unified single customer profile.

Campaign Execution
Campaigns are executed through multiple 3rd party solutions that use the same source of data (CDP). However, as each of these 3rd party solutions is individually integrated with the CDP, the solutions do not communicate with each other and cannot deliver a real-time response to customer actions.


Data Unification
YES - All data sources are centralized within the Customer Data Platform, thus breaking data silos and creating a unified single customer view natively integrated with the Campaign Execution modules.

Campaign Execution
Campaigns are executed through multiple built-in channels (no need for additional integrations), all connected to a single source of customer data. The integrated architecture ensures that all channels communicate with each other and deliver a relevant and consistent response to customer actions in real-time (milliseconds).

What is CDXP?
Customer Data
& Experience Platform


Customer Data
Conversion Rate

Organize all your customer data into a single source


Online & offline data tracking

Break data silos and build a Single Customer View for every individual customer by connecting, tracking and unifying data from all online and offline sources.

Unified single customer view

Deliver a relevant and consistent experience across all customer touchpoints, at scale, using a single source of customer intelligence.

Analytics & segmentation

Build advanced analytics or use our out-of-the-box reports. Create dynamic segments that adjust in real-time with every change of customer behavior.


Further enrich your data with the help of AI

Product Recommendations

Real-Time Recommendations

Ensure that all your visitors feel a personal touch from their first interaction with your brand. Use a customer’s behavior in real-time to compose personalized product recommendations for first-time visitors as they’re browsing your page.

Recommendation Templates

Go beyond "customers also viewed." With 13 out-of-the-box recommendation templates, you'll always offer the right product to the right customer, no matter the channel. You can even make your own recommendation template based on your unique need.


Prediction templates

Predict customer behavior using multiple ready-made prediction templates like purchase probability, open email prediction, or optimal email time prediction. You can even predict custom events based on your specific needs.

Optimum Email Time

Ensure that your emails are always at the top of customer inboxes. Easily find the best time to send your emails to every customer with optimum email time.

Live Predictive Model

Other tools generate static predictions in advance, and they don’t adjust based on real-time behavior. Bloomreach’s live predictive model adjusts the value of its prediction in real-time as new customer data is recorded. As a result, the prediction value stored in the unified single customer view is always up-to-date.


Activate and orchestrate your data through multiple built-in channels

Marketing Automation

01 Email
02 SMS/MMS Marketing
03 Web Push
04 Mobile Push

05 In-App Messages
06 Retargeting
07 WhatsApp
09 Webhooks & API

Check out the channels

Marketing Automation


Website Experimentation

Easily change the visual appearance of any website with a few clicks. Use full-scale of customer data contained in the Single Customer View and display unique content on your website to individual customers.


Pop-ups allow you to display personalized messages to your visitors based on their real-time behavior and intents (e.g.exit intent) to boost engagement and ease the decision-making process.

Predictive Bandits

Instead of serving the better performing variant to the majority of your customers, serve the right variant to the right customer instead of sending the majority of your traffic to the better performing variant.

Award Winning Technology

Let the Numbers do the Talking

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7 days


After Bloomreach’s crazy fast implementation, Missguided saw improved open and click-through rates despite sending 50% fewer emails in an effort to improve sender reputation.



OluKai used Bloomreach to execute their first WFH campaign after COVID hit within just a day - from idea to launch. The team delivered a timely, unique, and on-brand email that surpassed average email performance.



River Island utilized Bloomreach’s frequency management feature to implement a smart newsletter policy that saw a 30.9% increase in revenue per email and 30.7% increase in orders per email owing to a 22.5% decrease in overall send volume.



Weird Fish used Bloomreach's Plug&Play use cases to implement an extremely successful automated price drop alert watchdog within a matter of minutes.

Over 300 brands have compiled their customer data and used our marketing automation strategies to provide a better customer experience.
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