Personalize Customer Experiences With a Customer Data Engine

  • Existing Data Infrastructure
  • No Data Infrastructure

Plug Bloomreach into your existing, enterprise-wide data investments like a CDP, data lake, or data warehouse to visualize and activate that data for subsequent orchestration and personalization.

If you’re just getting started, the customer data engine comes with built-in data ingestion and unification to give you a single marketing view of the customer. This sets your data up the right way to drive maximum value from your omnichannel orchestration and personalization efforts.

See the Difference

increase in purchase rates

Yves Rocher delivers personalized recommendations within 0.1s, even for first-time visitors.

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increase in ROI

Vitkac recommends products that are in stock, have not been bought before, and that match customers’ real-time interactions.

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increase in revenue from emails

Benefit Cosmetics created unique journeys for previous buyers and VIPs which were automatically updated based on real-time customer behavior.

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increase in RPV for segmented searchers on mobile

Jenson saw a significant lift after using customer segmentation to optimize product search results for its end users.

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Why a Customer Data Engine?

Single Marketing View of the Customer

Get a single view of the customer — including historical data, current interactions updated in real time, and predicted future behavior — in a way that’s intuitive for marketers to digest and take action on.

Segmentation and Audience Builder

Not your average audience builder! Go even deeper with custom attributes that you can compute within the platform. Use a combination of multiple customer properties to arrive at highly relevant segments that are always updated in real time and tightly integrated with your marketing channel, so your customers get the right message at the right time — every time.

Real-time Customer Segments

Personalize shopping experiences using both customer and product data in real time. Don’t rely on just historical data for personalization — define and build customer segments as they interact with your website. With our real-time customer segments, every click leads to a more personalized customer experience, even for first-time visitors.

Orchestrate all of your personalization pursuits — using both customer and product data — in one platform


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Do Even More With Bloomreach

Don’t be limited by default lookback windows for any events. You have complete control over how much data to retain within Bloomreach Engagement. Go back as far as you’d like without having to connect to an external data source.

Stop relying on cookies and build real relationships with customers thanks to our first-party data platform. Maintain data quality and ensure a consistent experience for returning customers and anonymous visitors while respecting privacy with our server-side anonymous identity management.

Out-of-the-box dashboards, custom reporting, advanced cohorts and retention analyses, and more: Our Customer Data Engine includes all the analytical tools your marketing and digital teams need to measure campaign performance, gather insights on customer behavior, and report on custom metrics and goals.

Transform the customer experience with real-time product recommendations in email, SMS, or in session, and leverage out-of-the-box or custom prediction models to derive insights from the anticipated future behavior of your customers, in addition to past data.

Centrally manage consents across all channels, define your consent categories, and get a lifetime overview of consent history. Plus, dynamically manage messaging frequency based on customer engagement with our smart frequency policy.

Get the support needed to stay compliant and ensure stability by enabling your team to create, send, test, and analyze campaigns from a single user-friendly platform.

Third-party and Commerce Platform Integrations

Integrate Bloomreach Engagement with your existing databases, marketing technology, commerce platforms, and more using our out-of-the-box and custom integrations.

Our Customer Data Engine Personalizes the Entire Customer Journey

Harness the Power of Data

Personalize marketing campaigns for real-time customer segments so every message is relevant.

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Fuel Commerce Growth

Ensure all of your customers — even first-time visitors — get personalized product search results.

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Customize Shopping Experiences

Personalize customer journeys across all channels with a headless content management system.

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