Segments and Audience Builder

Ensure the right customers see the right message consistently across all touchpoints thanks to powerful segmentation capabilities that are an integrated part of building and deploying any experience.

Build Segments Ready for Action

Use an intuitive UI built for marketers to define segments based on demographic attributes and behavioral event data. Connect to any data source using either front end or API to finally take action on the insights you’ve had all along. Segment to your heart’s content with virtually unlimited segmentation capabilities and the single customer view.

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Advanced Segmentation Made Easy

Define your own metrics and custom attributes based on historical and real-time customer behavior (e.g., CLTV, number of purchases, or even days until their birthday) — all without requiring deep developer or data science expertise. Visualize movements of customers from segment to segment over time and trigger communications in real time in the session where a customer falls into a new segment.

Natively Integrated With Email and Beyond

Focus on generating revenue with campaigns, not internal obstacles to shipping. Don’t wait for a file with emails of users you’re targeting — build the audience in minutes as a marketer, without the need to submit a request to anyone. See the size of the audience calculated in real time to understand the potential impact of the campaign and adjust selection criteria as you see fit. You can even do this for SMS, ad audiences, and other channels.

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Many Tools, Single Source of Truth

Share actionable segments of customer in real time with any tool in your technology stack through an array of options ranging from webhooks to API-level integrations. Impact the customer experience when they are most engaged in a session on-site, or in-app. Stay consistent with your message thanks to sharing the same customer understanding across your commerce stack.

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Segment and Audience Building FAQs

Common questions about Bloomreach’s Segments & Audience Building product.

Yes. If another tool is capable of ingesting segments, there is a range of options for integration between Bloomreach and other vendors, including personalized tag manager, webhooks, and a back-end API integration. 

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