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FitFlop Migrates Marketing Automation and ESP Activity to Bloomreach Engagement

FitFlop set about changing the footwear industry in 2007 and hasn’t looked back since — supporting its customers with the perfect combination of biomechanics, comfort, and fashion. When the company first entered the scene, it was generally accepted that a shoe could not both look good and feel great. It has set about changing that one step at a time and empowered customers to live an active and fulfilled life by supporting them with proper footwear.

increase in inbox placement
more emails delivered

The Challenge

The challenge that FitFlop faced is a familiar one to many companies in ecommerce — it felt like it needed to make an important change with its tech stack. 

FitFlop’s previous email service provider (ESP) provided the company with the foundation it needed, but there was a lingering feeling that more could be done to serve a loyal customer base. The company had collected customer data, it just needed a platform that would facilitate taking the best action with it. 

FitFlop knew change was necessary, but the process of moving marketing automation and ESP activity over from one provider to another is not always easy. It can be a daunting task properly upskilling one’s team internally to support the transition.

The Solution

The email marketing and marketing automation capabilities offered by Bloomreach Engagement proved to be the perfect solution that FitFlop was looking for. 

Working in partnership with Bloomreach, FitFlop felt supported to make the transition, and has fully invested its time and resources into making its partnership with Bloomreach a successful one. It has also accomplished things it could not with its previous provider, including segmenting audiences based on purchases, behavior on site, and email engagement. It has also been able to build a single customer view. 

As a company, FitFlop takes pride in the quality of products and branding. It aims to create an environment online for shoppers that matches its ethos. With the incredibly personalized targeting and thoughtful segmentation that Bloomreach Engagement allows, FitFlop can tailor unique customer journeys to facilitate brand loyalty.

The Results

Since migrating its email capabilities to Bloomreach Engagement, FitFlop has seen two significant metric improvements. Inbox placement of emails has improved 10% and the company has delivered an additional 15 million emails with Bloomreach. 

In addition to the improved metrics, FitFlop has made several administrative improvements with Bloomreach Engagement. The company can now activate specific customer sets quickly and efficiently directly through the integrated ESP functionality. By migrating email providers, FitFlop can spend more time doing what it does best — using segmented data and insights to build real-time marketing campaigns all in one place. 

Bloomreach’s dedicated email specialists helped build out a joint execution plan that allowed FitFlop to effectively “warm up” and maintain continuity for all email subscribers while the migration took place. There was no disruption to email marketing communications, including important sends like transactional emails.