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Supporting D2C brands by providing personalized digital experiences that drive engagement, loyalty, and growth.

Why Bloomreach?

Send Less Email, Drive More Revenue

Make email — statistically the highest ROI channel in ecommerce — even better in a tough market. Use all of your real-time customer data to send fewer but more impactful emails.

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Text Less, Convert More With Personalized SMS

Improve your ROI with SMS messaging. Personalize the content and cadence of every text message by using your collected customer data to ensure that every SMS message you send is meaningful.

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Grow Profits With The Leading AI in Ecommerce

Discover how Loomi AI utilizes decades of ecommerce expertise and real-time data to personalize the entire customer experience. Predict churn, spend ad dollars more efficiently, and connect with your customers at every step of their journey.

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Why Bloomreach?

Connect With Your Customers, From Insights to Orchestration

We offer all the support you need to connect with your customers.



Get the winning combination of Shopify and Bloomreach for higher profitability and repeat purchases. Join top D2C brands leveraging built-in customer data and AI to personalize every email, SMS, and more with Bloomreach.


Export customers, consents, and campaign events, and utilize the data available for reporting and segmentations to build a full customer picture. You can also activate the data on other channels such as web and app, digital ads, or mobile messaging.


Leverage all of your collected customer data to send better SMS communications via Attentive. This two-way integration also unlocks more advanced reporting and analytics.


This new two-way API integration allows you to seamlessly import information about open and closed support tickets from Gorgias in real time.

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