Product Recommendations

Drive more revenue with targeted, relevant recommendations at key conversion points for your shoppers.

Intent-driven Recommendations

Bloomreach Recommendations incorporate search intent into every algorithm, and is created from your product and visitor data, plus our search intelligence. Unite your search and recommendations experience for higher conversions on every page.

For New Customers

Show your new visitors where to start shopping with ready-to-go algorithms for products that are frequently bought together, viewed together, similar, bestsellers, and trending.

Delight Returning Customers

Keep returning customers engaged by showing them their past purchases and new additions since their last visit.

Product Collections

Promote custom collections such as new brands, seasonal products, or targeted gift ideas on any page.

Dynamic Recommendations

Create dynamic recommendations through our easy rule-based tool to solve for your unique goals, such as promoting high-margin products, private labels, or excess inventory.

Email Recommendations

Keep in contact with your shoppers even after they’ve left your site with open-time recommendations that stay up to date with your inventory.

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Recommendations FAQ

Common questions about Bloomreach’s Product Recommendations product within Bloomreach Discovery.

With product recommendations, it often feels like the possibilities are endless. You want to capitalize on opportunities for conversion, but you also don't want to overwhelm your shoppers. Check out our video on best practices for setting up recommendations on your site.

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