Ads and Retargeting

Personalize your targeted outreach on ad platforms using first-party data available to you, and combine with predictive analytics for increased ROAS.

Always Target the Right Customer

Build and maintain your ad audiences based on customer behavior, no matter where they interact with you — email, web, or mobile. All of this is done in real time so you're not spending money trying to acquire customers who have already converted.

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Increase ROAS With AI-driven Lookalike Audiences

Acquire high-value prospects by relying on the first party data of your most valued customers. Create lookalike audiences on Facebook based on a seed list of your own customer data that can include past behavior, customer attributes, and predictions. 

Optimize Your Advertising Costs

Only 10% of customers become high-value, repeat buyers. Our underlying data platform helps you identify them and understand their behavior in real time. Combined with AI predictive analytics, you can identify customers with the highest conversion probability to ensure your advertising is highly efficient.

Improve Ad Performance With Facebook Conversions API

Send important events, such as purchases and leads, to optimize your Facebook ads without relying on browser pixel events by using our Facebook Conversions API (FB CAPI) integration. Pair this with our consent management to eliminate excessive data collection and get more control over your data.

Don't Let 3rd-party Cookie Limitations Affect Your Ad Strategy

Don't let limitations to third-party cookie tracking drive your CPAs up and conversion rates down due to a lack of data to target well. Manage anonymous identity using first-party server-side cookies that are resilient against browser limitations. Maintain data quality and ensure a consistent experience for returning anonymous visitors while respecting customer privacy. 

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Boost the Impact of Your Ads

Deliver incredible connected experiences to your customers while focusing on a common revenue or conversion goal. Deliver the right content at the right moment through the channel that a customer prefers and avoid unnecessary advertising spends.

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