You Don’t Need More Data for Better Ad Targeting

Improve ad targeting and reduce CAC with the data you already have. Bloomreach uses first-party data and Loomi's predictions to identify segments that convert and come back, so you can lower CAC while building a brand your customers trust.

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Save Your Ad Money for Audiences That Return and Convert

Optimize spend on Facebook, Google, Instagram, Snapchat, and more with a first-party data-driven ad strategy.

Reduce Acquisition Costs

Use derived, behavioral, and predictive data to retarget high-intent, repeat visitors. Build lookalike audiences from high-intent signals like CLV to reduce the cost of prospecting campaigns.

Protect Customer Privacy

Leverage first-party data and server-side tracking from Bloomreach. Respect customer privacy without letting third-party data restrictions drive your costs up.

Do It All From One Place

Make ad retargeting part of a broader omnichannel campaign without jumping between apps and tabs. Deliver connected experiences across your best marketing channels to focus on conversions.

Stop Wasting Ad Spend

With a proprietary data architecture capable of real-time processing speeds, Bloomreach allows marketers to bid in real time and optimize ad spend. Add or remove audiences within milliseconds of an interaction, so you’re no longer chasing someone that has already converted.

Manage Multiple Ad Platforms From One Place

Easily connect your ad accounts on major platforms such as Google Ads, AdForm, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. Sync audiences with your important advertising platforms from a single place.

Don’t Fear Third-Party Data Restrictions

Bloomreach is built on first-party data and supports zero-party data collection. Analyze anonymous visitors using server-side cookies that are resilient against browser limitations to get a full picture of your customers from their very first interaction.

Bring Back Your Best Customers With Loomi

Use predictive analytics — like probability of conversion, sign up, repeat purchase, churn, or order return — to optimize your ad campaigns for efficient spend. Leverage prebuilt models to get started with best practices, or use our visual tools to build your own prediction model optimized for your unique business requirements.

Take Full Control of Your Facebook Ads

Send important events, such as purchases and leads, to optimize your Facebook ads without relying on browser pixel events by using our Facebook Conversions API (FB CAPI) integration. Pair this with our consent management to eliminate excessive data collection and get more control over your data.

Use High-Intent Signals to Sample Lookalike Audiences

Acquire high-value prospects with the first-party data of your most valued customers. Create lookalike audiences on Facebook based on a seed list of your own customer data that can include past behavior, customer attributes, or predictions.

A Single Fix for Your Retargeting Woes

We help brands successfully leverage their first-party data to solve their unique advertising challenges.

Reduce CAC

By taking full control of their ad audiences and consent integration with Bloomreach's first-party data-powered platform, Musicmagpie was able to reduce CAC.

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Prioritize Customer Privacy

Sofology prioritized customer privacy and better optimized Facebook ad spend with Bloomreach's FB CAPI.

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Mitigate Ad Blocking

With custom ad campaign tracking from Engagement, Wojas mitigated ad blocking which led to better customer experiences and higher ROI.

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Bloomreach’s Unique In-Memory Framework Architecture Is a Game Changer for Email Personalization

Ads & Retargeting FAQs

Common questions about Bloomreach's Ads & Retargeting product with Bloomreach Engagement

You can reduce CAC by using our real-time first-party data platform to retarget high intent and repeat visitors. Build your audiences based on derived, behavioral, and predictive data. Reach your customers in the places they are active and find lookalike audiences that have the highest potential to become your next customer champions.

Loomi can help you make your ad spend more efficient by predicting future behavior. It will help you identify the best channel to invest in, probability of purchase, or predict whether a customer is likely to churn. All this can help reduce your ad spend and invest in those most likely to convert.

Third-party tracking pixels are being restricted by browsers, putting your customer data in jeopardy. By using a first-party data platform such as Bloomreach, you will be able to keep track of all the customer data and keep customer privacy at the same time. You will be able to manage all the consents and choose which data to send to your ad platforms.

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