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Sofology Integrates Facebook Conversions API in One Hour With Bloomreach

Sofology is the United Kingdom’s fastest growing omnichannel sofa retailer. It is Sofology’s mission to help customers feel at home on a sofa that they love. Sofology sells a variety of sofas, chairs, recliners, and other accessories through a network of 45+ stores in the UK and online.

how long it took Facebook Conversions API to be set up and go live for Sofology within Bloomreach Engagement

The Challenge

Sofology has been a Bloomreach customer since the summer of 2019. It became aware of changes to the Facebook pixel and realized there could be negative consequences if it did not take action. 

The feedback loop between Facebook Ads and the behavior of its customers was broken down because of changes to third-party cookies and third-party tracking. Negative impacts included lower data quality for ads evaluation and optimization, budgeting paralysis due to dramatic changes in revenue data, and uncertainty in planning future marketing budgets. 

Sofology decided it was best to take action very early on before letting any of those aforementioned things take place.

The Solution

When presented with an opportunity to be an early adopter of Facebook Conversions API (FB CAPI), Sofology didn’t hesitate. Conversations had already been taking place internally about how the changes related to the Facebook pixel might affect Facebook Ad performance. The logical next step was to move forward with implementation. 

FB CAPI is an integration offered by Bloomreach Engagement, which is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), that gives companies more control over the data they send to Facebook. The API allows events to be sent directly to Facebook Ads’ platform without having to rely on browser pixel tracking. 

This gives businesses 100% control over data they choose to share with Facebook. FB CAPI helps to ease the minds of marketers and customers alike by creating a secure and law-abiding connection from a business to Facebook without relying on third-party cookies.

The Results

It took just one hour for Conversions API to be set up for Sofology. Yes, only 60 minutes. 

The technical integration was simple because Sofology had already mapped the key events it desired to send to Facebook through Conversions API. With this information, and a couple of tokens from Facebook Business Manager, the integration was a seamless one. 

Now, whenever a purchase happens, the data gets automatically sent from Bloomreach Engagement through Conversions API to Facebook. Every conversion is now used to optimize Sofology’s Facebook Ads campaign.


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