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As your goals expand, so do our capabilities. Here's a look at what's ahead in H1 2024, as well as highlights from Bloomreach Engagement's 2023 feature releases.

Explore Our Newest Features

  • Loomi Analytics Assistant
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Bloomreach OmniConnect
  • Hospitality Connectors
  • Transactional SMS
  • AutoSegments

Loomi Analytics Assistant

Use a conversational interface to generate reports and segmentations and even interpret your data. For example, you can have the Loomi Analytics Assistant show you all users that visited the website in the past seven days and drill down by region, create segmentations by loyalty level based on customer AOV or LTV, or build a report showing the most purchased categories in specific time periods (e.g., Black Friday).

Anomaly Detection

Get automatically notified if a metric falls outside an acceptable range of values. Loomi also predicts and detects anomalies early on by monitoring your campaigns and audience for unexpected trends.

Bloomreach OmniConnect

Get quicker data integrations with external platforms that support webhooks without custom integrations and middleware. For example, integrate data from survey platforms such as Typeform to transform survey responses into customer attributes or use data from your table management platform to customize communications based on each customer’s reservation data.

Hospitality Connectors

Use out-of-the box integrations to hospitality-specific platforms like Mews and ResDiary. Receive customer data like name, phone number, email, and booking information to send email or SMS updates. For example, send a pre-arrival email to customers with helpful information about the city, hotel, and things to do, or follow up after a visit for feedback.

Transactional SMS

Make your real-time transactional SMS a little more personal.


Use precision audience targeting for time and cost savings. With autosegments, you eliminate the need to sift through massive data sets, get a marketer-friendly interface for visualized data, and can make more informed decisions with Loomi-driven insights. 

2024 Releases and Roadmap

The goal of this roadmap is to inform clients and the market about our product development direction. As with all software development, the features in the roadmap are subject to change.

Q1 2024

  • Q1 2024
  • Q2 2024
  • H2 2024
  • Q1 2024
  • Q2 2024
  • H2 2024

Automatically be notified of important data changes in your campaigns or metrics — like increased unsubscribe rates for an email series, hitting $50k in revenue from an email campaign, percentage differences in key metrics. With the updated analytics notifications, marketers will always be in the know.

Cut new project creation time in half with templates for project set up — with predefined settings and descriptions. Whether you are new to Bloomreach or setting up another project for a new brand/region, with this update, you will be up and running faster.

Realize faster time-to-value with proven use cases that can be downloaded and implemented within minutes. Use cases include workflows such as price drop alerts and reactivation campaigns, OOTB dashboards and analyses, and custom segmentations such as Apple mail audiences and RFM segments.

Connect more channels and external apps to power unified personalized campaigns without custom integrations, manual API calls, and middleware. Build and manage data integrations with any platform that supports webhooks. 

Personalize your email without having to remember Jinja syntax with no-code personalization tokens.

Launch a scenario by new types of triggers — even external events that are not customer initiated. For example,trigger a campaign for all lottery players when a jackpot reaches $1M or trigger a campaign to all eligible passengers when a flight has new seats available for upgrade.

"One-Click Unsubscribe" header for emails (GET/POST or RFC 8058) to comply with Google/Yahoo sender requirements.

Automatically discover the best customer segmentations for precise, relevant targeting. No more sifting through and analyzing massive data sets to find trends and patterns for better personalization. Powered by Loomi, AutoSegments uncovers your most valuable audience clusters with all the metrics and data you need so all you need to do is hit "create".

Visualize the business impact of advanced personalization techniques like contextual personalization with out-of-the-box dashboards that will show performance of different variants and the reason why a particular variant was chosen over the rest for a segment. 

Connect your Shopify store with a few clicks with our latest set of updates including Shopify web pixel, product tags, real-time catalog updates, consent improvements, and product metafields.

Be on your way to limitless personalization from day one with best practices for migration and warm-up.

Be at ease before hitting the ‘send’ button with enhanced testing tools for all your channels including sample profiles, predefined data sets, and best practice guides.

An out-of-the-box integration to personalize your campaigns with information from Google Sheets.

Streamline your A/B testing efforts by using generative AI to create different variants of your weblayers.

Let every interaction with your brand count by making your transactional SMS more personal. Bloomreach will now support real-time, automated transactional SMS messaging.

Automate data flow from hospitality booking systems like MEWS and ResDiary to enhance your customers’ trip or dining experience by enriching their profiles, and collecting data for analytics.

Ask Loomi to do your analytical work - generate custom reports, metrics, funnels, or segmentations, and even interpret the results for you. Just type your question into the conversational interface — such as “What is the funnel conversion from ‘added to cart’ to ‘purchase completed?’” — and let Loomi take care of the rest.

Get a broader context of your campaign and audience performances relative to your industry with built-in omnichannel benchmarking.

See even better engagement and conversions with our enhanced recommendation engine. Similar to architecture deployed by Netflix, Spotify, and Tiktok, our premium recommendations utilize a cutting edge 2-Tower Neural Network for improved accuracy.

RCS (Rich Communication Service)is another mobile messaging medium that supports new media formats for B2C messaging, like carousels, verified senders, buttons/CTAs, high-res video and imagery. Bloomreach will support personalization of RCS content to showcase products in a completely new way in order to drive users down funnel on Apple or Android.

Get automatically notified if a metric falls outside an acceptable range of values so you can address issues before they get out of hand. Loomi also predicts and detects anomalies early by monitoring your campaigns and audience for unexpected trends including unusually high returns, problems with checkout process, or a sudden dip in conversions with specific segments. 

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38 Features Delivered in 2023

New features include:

  • App inbox 
  • In-app content blocks 
  • SMS campaigns + visual builder
  • New SMS templates library 
  • WhatsApp visual editor
  • Sign-up units and text-to-join 

New features include:

  • Klaviyo integration
  • Attentive integration
  • Gorgias with SMS support
  • TikTok ads integration
  • Yotpo reviews and loyalty 
  • Recharge integration

New features include:

  • Contextual personalization
  • AI content generator
  • Loomi Assistant (private beta)
  • Analytics notifications
  • Optimal send time for SMS
  • Bloomreach Clarity — conversational commerce

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