Bloomreach AI Means Limitless Ways to Drive Growth

Today you can...

Recommend products frequently bought together when customers make a purchase
Personalize product recommendations based on search history
Send the right message at the right time for every single customer
Identify "serial returners" and reduce marketing spend on them
Automatically correct spelling mistakes to get the best search results
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Let Us [Re]Introduce You to Loomi

AI is the connective tissue across our suite of products – stealthy and deep-rooted behind the scenes to make everything smarter and faster. But now it’s time to bring our AI to the forefront and show you the limitless potential at your fingertips.

  • Meet Loomi
  • What is Loomi Exactly?
  • Where Do I Find Loomi?

Meet Loomi

Loomi is the reason we can power a seamless e-commerce experience across every channel, in real-time, at scale. It’s the thread of power that maximizes every Bloomreach feature it touches — the features that have long helped you drive growth for your business.

What is Loomi Exactly?

Loomi is AI for e-commerce. It works alongside you to supercharge marketing campaigns, merchandising, site search, and content – making you more efficient and effective than ever before. Think of Loomi as the rockstar marketing intern you’ve always wanted – hungry for data and ready to shine light on ways to action that data, automatically or with your oversight.

Where Do I Find Loomi?

Loomi is built into every one of our products and always has been. Loomi powers use cases in all channels for marketing automation, fuels powerful algorithms in product discovery, and continuously optimizes merchandising.

See Loomi in Action

So if Loomi is the Al to power today, what will be the Al to power tomorrow?

Tomorrow you can…

Bloomreach Clarity is a conversational shopping product powered by the latest advancements in generative AI. 

Engage shoppers in conversations that are authentic and specific to your business.

These conversations connect across every channel, always picking up right where customers left off. That means conversations start anywhere — and continue everywhere.

Illuminate the path to purchase with expertise. Give customers the clarity they need to buy with confidence.

Shopping will never be the same again. 

Al is changing how we shop forever. Get ready for the next wave of Al innovation for e‑commerce - the launch of Bloomreach Clarity.

Hey, see how Loomi can help you grow

A 45 min session will provide:
  • Consultation on how to best leverage Loomi AI for your specific needs
  • An overview of our e-commerce cloud platforms
  • Customers success stories and real-life use case examples

Meet Loomi