Bloomreach's Loomi AI Offers Limitless Ways To Drive Growth

Let Us Reintroduce You to Loomi AI

AI is the connective tissue across our suite of products — stealthy and deep-rooted behind the scenes to make everything smarter and faster. But now it’s time to bring our AI to the forefront and show you the limitless potential at your fingertips.

Meet Loomi AI

Loomi AI is the reason we can power a seamless ecommerce experience across every channel, in real time, and at scale. It’s the thread of power that maximizes every Bloomreach feature it touches — the features that have long helped you drive growth for your business.

Loomi AI is AI for ecommerce. It works alongside you to supercharge marketing campaigns, merchandising, site search, and content — making you more efficient and effective than ever before. Think of Loomi AI as the rock star marketing intern you’ve always wanted — hungry for data and ready to shine light on ways to make that data actionable, whether automatically or with your oversight.

Loomi AI is built into every one of our products and always has been. Loomi AI powers uses cases in all channels for marketing automation, fuels powerful algorithms in product discovery, and continuously optimizes merchandising.

How Loomi AI Drives Ecommerce Success

Loomi AI is deeply woven throughout all of Bloomreach’s products. Specifically engineered to drive ecommerce growth, Loomi AI fuels connected and personalized customer journeys across every channel — at scale.

Marketing Automation

Loomi AI powers real-time insights and personalized journeys to help you maximize customer lifetime value.  

Product Discovery

Loomi AI powers personalized product discovery experiences that help you drive the fastest ROI.

Headless Content

Loomi AI helps businesses deliver engaging and personalized experiences across their website(s).

See Loomi AI in Action

Al is changing how we shop forever. Get ready for the next wave of Al innovation for ecommerce — the launch of Bloomreach Clarity.


Hey, see how Loomi AI can help you grow

A 45-minute session will provide:

Life With Bloomreach

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