Drive More Powerful Results With Email Marketing

Elevate your email marketing program with advanced targeting and AI-powered personalization without sacrificing deliverability and ease of use.

Always Target the Right Audience Segments

Build and maintain your audiences based on real-time customer behavior, no matter where they interact with you — email, web, or mobile. Analyze RFM segments and CLTV directly within the platform to strategically target growth and reactivation campaigns. Use Predictions to identify high-intent audiences or to only target segments with email as their preferred channel.

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Get More Clicks With 1:1 Personalization Beyond {{first name}}

Bloomreach Email is natively integrated with our data platform, so all your first-party and zero-party data is available for immediate use within email campaigns. Scale your 1:1 personalization efforts using AI/ML with Product Recommendations and Optimal Send Time Prediction.

Curate Every Experience With Drag-and-Drop Email Automation

Easily build triggered, recurring, or one-time email sends using Scenarios, our omnichannel journey builder. Combine with other channels, add in audience filters, A/B tests, and more at any point.
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Design, Preview, and Test Beautiful Emails

Effortlessly create beautiful emails with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor or design your own masterpiece with our HTML builder. Preview how your email will appear on over 50 clients, apps, and devices, or send test emails to make sure everything — including personalization — is as it should be before hitting send.

Put Trust in a Robust ESP That Delivers Better Results

Never compromise on core ESP functions. Our deliverability guides and IP warm-up support will set you up for success. Built-in consent management lets you define consent categories and customize your preference center to stay GDPR/CCPA compliant. Smart Newsletter Frequency Policy combines expert-defined rules with AI to dynamically manage email frequency based on customer engagement.

Scale Your ROI With Self-sufficient Dashboards and Reporting

Analyze all email KPIs including revenue and orders with out-of-the-box visual dashboards or build advanced reports to track your own custom metrics. Email marketers can also see the full impact of their campaigns with advanced reporting tools like cohort analysis, retention analysis, and trends directly within the platform.

Test, Optimize, and Iterate to Refine Every Success

A/B test your email content, subject line, or audience segments and combine with AI to automatically test and deliver the winning variant based on your optimization goal. Optionally include control groups to measure impact.

Connect and Convert With Powerful Integrations and Webhooks

Connect to various 3rd‑party services through our built‑in integrations or use our API to enrich your data and ensure you have everything it takes to design highly personalized email campaigns.

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