Boost Repeat Purchase Rate With Frequency-Based Replenishment Campaigns


Encourage customers to make repeat purchases. Loomi uses data for items like pet food, personal care items, household clearners, and more to understand each customer’s average purchase frequency and nudge them when they’re near the date of repurchase.

  • An online pet store sends a reminder email to a customer letting them know that their dog food supply is running low and includes a discount for a new order
  • A cosmetics company sends an email to a customer reminding them that it’s time to buy a new bottle of body wash with a link to the product previously purchased and recommendations of more body washes they might like

Boost customer retention and loyalty, repeat purchases, and customer lifetime value — all while reducing customer churn.


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Video Transcript

Hello. In this video, I'm going to
show a campaign that you can run in
Bloom reach engagement to boost repeat
repurchase rates with a frequency
based replenishment campaign.
This is gonna be a really valuable use case
to encourage your customers to repurchase
products that they've previously bought
and are likely to run out of soon
and or repurchase product services that
they are likely to buy again based
on frequency of purchase data.
This is gonna allow you to increase your customer
retention as well as increasing your
customer's lifetime value. So
in our example here, I'm in a Pacific pets
demo environment where we are going to run
a frequency based repurchase
And while this does look scary, the complex,
the logic here is not all that
complex and this is a template or
plug and play use case. So every day
this campaign runs and it basically
looks for the varying cadence
that someone's purchases based on their past
behavior. We we we
have purchased information for each
of your customers, the dates that they
have purchased in the past. And we
basically create an average number of
days between their purchases, each
customer individually and when that
time is about to elapse, we
start to send them uh communications.
So if someone is purchasing only
every 30 or 60 days, they
only receive an email on day, 28
or day 58. And if someone's very
infrequently purchasing, based on their past behavior
every uh six months or every year
only, we would only start to send them
communications uh when it starts
to be around that time. So
uh the email itself, in this example
that they are going to receive is going to be
highly personalized as well. Where
in our frequency based repurchase
email, we want this to be as dynamic
as possible. So what we're going to do
using some of the templating language in bloom
reach engagement in our email here is
actually uh we're going to,
if I pull up an example customer Jenny,
we're going to calculate and display the number of
days since we've seen uh their, their
last purchase events. This Edith
here is actually the pet name. This is a pet
uh demo environment. So Edith has a dog
named or sorry, Jenny has a
dog named Edith and
uh she has previously purchased this product
for that dog. So that's the product here.
And so we're prompting this person to replenish
that purchase, maybe they're running low and we're also
displaying other product
So this is gonna be a really useful campaign.
You would set something like this up one
time and it would just rerun every
day. It would also readjust the cadence
based on uh the updating
uh purchase behavior of each of your customers.
And then it would start to send them this remo find
your email around that time.
So, uh these really help to improve
customer engagement, customer retention, loyalty
to your brands uh and can even help
you to reduce churn by giving
your customers the reminder they might need to
repurchase from you and not someone else.

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