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Enter the email address for which you would like to download the data:

At Bloomreach, we are committed to protecting your data and privacy as well as providing you access to the information we process about you.

How can I download my data?

  1. Enter your valid email address for which you would like to download the data and submit your request
  2. You will receive an email from Bloomreach asking to confirm your request for downloading your data
  3. Confirm the request by replying to the email
  4. Within 30 days you will receive an email from Bloomreach with the attachment containing all your data

What types of data can I download?

It is important to remember that Bloomreach processes data either on its own behalf (a lawyer would say as a controller) or on behalf of its clients (as a processor).

You can download only those data we process as a controller.

You can check out our Privacy Policy for detailed information about the data we collect, process and retain as a controller.

What data does Bloomreach process as a processor?

Please note that you cannot download data that Bloomreach processes as a processor.

Simply speaking, we process data as a processer when someone purchases our services. In this case, we process data not on our own behalf but on behalf of this customer.

Let’s say that our customer is an online shoe retailer who sells shoes through its website On behalf of this retailer Bloomreach will process certain data about people shopping on This data may include,
for example, the number of clicks, scrollings, mouse-overs, lengths of visits etc).

Please note that by following the instructions you will NOT download data Bloomreach as a processor processes in connection with your email address.

What should I do if I want to download data which Bloomreach process on behalf of its customer?

You have two options. Firstly, contact our customer directly. Secondly, let us know the name of the customer and its website, and we will pass your request to him/her. However, bear in mind that we cannot guarantee how our customers will treat
your request.

How will I receive my data?

You will receive your data via email within 30 days after you have confirmed your request for downloading your data.

Does Bloomreach delete my data after downloading?

No. Downloading your data does not delete it from our servers. If you wish to delete your data you may do so by requesting us to delete your data.

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