Reach Peak Performance With Experiments and A/B Testing

Optimize conversions by modifying any website element or testing different personalization strategies directly within Bloomreach — all without relying on any other teams.

Quickly Test, Iterate, and Execute at Scale

Arrive at the optimal web experience by testing ideas at scale and iterating quickly without implementation or cross-functional delays. Digital teams can easily transform the visual appearance of web pages, experiment with recommendations, and test content and layout. Visual editors and pre-built templates make deployment a breeze, while custom coding options are available for the more technical users to get creative.

Experiment Without Distractions

Decrease bounce rates and improve customer experience with ultra‑fast experiments. Unlike most A/B testing tools that cannot avoid flickering (flashes of original content), Bloomreach's flicker‑free technology ensures your customers only see the content you want them to see.

Increase Conversions With Smart A/B Testing

Test multiple variants simultaneously and optimize your experiments in real time. Perform A/B testing on email campaigns, web experiments, weblayers, or even whole customer journeys by adding in A/B testing nodes. Perform testing against control groups, control your winner distribution, or automatically deliver the winning variant to your audience, then evaluate uplifts in key metrics like revenue, AOV, and conversion directly within the platform.

Chart a Personalized Path for Every Customer

Display unique content to each customer for truly personalized experiences. Our built‑in customer data platform opens up new possibilities for interacting with your customers. Use analytical insights and predictive data to engage the most relevant or high‑value customer segments, and deliver personalized experiences quickly and effectively to increase engagement and brand loyalty.

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Optimize the Customer Experience With Server-side Testing

Leverage managed endpoints to optimize the customer experience on applications with deep stack integrations and dynamic real-time elements like the checkout process. You can also optimize pages that involve sensitive PII data while maintaining fast load times, superior page performance, and higher security and data privacy.

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