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With 33 patents in ecommerce search, Bloomreach Discovery helps you understand who your shoppers are, what they want, and why they want it. Improve your customer experience and increase revenue all at once.

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Create Revenue-Driving Experiences for Every Search

Zero results pages are an inconvenience for your shoppers and can encourage them to bounce to a competitor’s site. Remove these dead ends using Loomi AI and show similar products in your catalog whenever a search query doesn’t have exact results.

Let Customers Use Images To Search

Customers expect websites to adjust to their changing search behavior. Retailers and brands need to respond and offer multimodal search. When searching with an image, your business can display the most visually similar products in your catalog.

Don't let conventional search methods hinder your progress.

Tap into our decades-worth of ecommerce search expertise — not just yesterday’s knowledge — to swiftly initiate and sustain consistent year-over-year performance while retaining complete control over your search results.

Tap Into Your Team's Potential

With Loomi AI, you will finally have the time to prioritize strategic initiatives, such as ranking new products higher in search results, performing A/B testing, creating custom collections, and more. 

Get Personalization From the First Click

Thanks to the combined power of customer and product data, Loomi AI can understand customer preferences individually from their first visit. Loomi AI automatically adjusts how products appear for each site visitor and optimizes for relevance and revenue.

Use Context To Rank Search Results for Conversions

Using data (e.g., product views, add-to-carts, conversions, and revenue) across the past 30 days, Loomi AI ranks products that will convert at the top of the search results.

Connect With Customers Using Semantic Understanding

Our commerce-specific algorithms match your customers’ search intent to the most relevant results. Plus, Loomi AI fills in gaps, so you’ll help them find what they want, even with imperfect product data.

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Common Questions about Intelligent Site Search

What is search intelligence?

Search has many different forms. Because LLMs can complement the strengths of other search methodologies like semantic understanding, this has led to “hybrid” models that can optimize costs, resources, and performance. These models combine different search technologies into a singular solution, where the best search intelligence will be used to match a particular query.

Bloomreach uses Loomi AI to inform its semantic understanding — think natural language processing and machine learning — and better understand a customer’s intent. This helps brands put the right products or services in front of the right eyes at the right time immediately.

AI can help with scalability. Once you have more than 1,000 products in your catalog, trying to manage and optimize for revenue through rules becomes a full-time job. Instead of improving, you’ll get stuck troubleshooting issues as rules overlap each other. AI optimizes the majority of searches, which has resulted in a 59% increase in RPV and a 29% decrease in search exits for our customers.

A search intelligence platform will include four engines: relevance, optimization, personalization, and customization. These nuts and bolts of ecommerce search (aka the “engines”) work together to address site search issues. They surface the most relevant results to increase revenue.

One of our favorite examples of intelligent search is “milk chocolate” vs. “chocolate milk.” These queries have very different intents and contexts behind them. However, one of the many things search intelligence can do is separate products from their attributes to understand intent. Grasping these key contexts results in a more personalized search experience for end consumers and can increase search revenue for your company.

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