Search Intelligence

Our customers lead the pack in e-commerce innovation — we support them through our cutting-edge AI. With 33 registered patents related to e-commerce search, Bloomreach is the market leader in intelligence.

Semantic Understanding

Match your customers’ real search intent at scale. Bloomreach extracts valuable information from both your product catalog and shoppers’ searches to automatically return the most relevant results. No more confusion about dress shirts vs. shirt dresses — just the results your customers expect.

Smart Query Relaxation

Zero results pages are a dead end for your shoppers. Remove them by automatically showing similar products you have in your catalog whenever a query has zero results.

Natural Language Understanding

Don't limit your shoppers to robotic searches. Bloomreach supports natural language queries like "bowls for soup" just as easily as other searches.

Numeric Understanding

Bloomreach automatically creates synonyms for numeric searches, so whether your shoppers search for a 3”, 3in, or 3 inch screw, they can find it.

Customizable Goals

Bloomreach can be customized through the dashboard through feeds and by adjusting algorithms to meet your specific business needs.

Context-specific Ranking

Using a blend of product views, add to carts, conversions, and revenue across the past 30 days, Bloomreach automatically ranks products according to what’s most likely to convert for each individual query.

Ranking Customization

Add your own signals to Bloomreach’s ranking algorithm by creating soft boosts at the product and attribute levels. For example, boost all leather products when customers search for office chairs, or have new products rank higher in the results.

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Search Intelligence FAQ

Common question(s) about Bloomreach's Search Intelligence product with Bloomreach Discovery.

There are many things AI can help with, but the most impactful is scalability. Once you have more than 1,000 products in your catalog, trying to manage and optimize for revenue through rules becomes a full-time job. Instead of improving, you'll get stuck troubleshooting issues as rules overlap each other. AI automatically optimizes the majority of searches, letting you focus on the top 10% you want to control.

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