Intelligent Search That Knows "Close Enough" Isn't Good Enough

With 33 patents in e-commerce search, Bloomreach Discovery helps you understand who your shoppers are, what they want, and why they want it.

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Use Semantic Understanding To Connect With Customers

Our commerce-specific algorithms match your customers’ search intent to the most relevant results. Plus, our AI, Loomi, fills in gaps so you'll help customers find what they want, even with imperfect product data.

Let Natural Language Understanding Do the Work for You

Bloomreach supports natural language queries, like "bowls for soup," just as easily as other searches. The possibilities are endless with NLP and lead to big results like increased RPV, AOV, and conversions.

Our Smart Query Relaxation Removes All Dead Ends

Zero results pages are an inconvenience for your shoppers. It can also encourage them to bounce to a competitor's site. Remove these dead ends using Loomi and show similar products in your catalog whenever a search query doesn’t have exact results.

Serve Precise Results With Numeric Understanding

Bloomreach creates synonyms for numeric searches. Whether your shoppers are searching for a 3”, 3in, or 3 inch screw, we can easily help them find it. With better discoverability, your brand can hit all its business targets.

Adjust and Customize Where Necessary To Meet Your Goals

We leave plenty of room for your merchandisers to work their magic. You can customize the search experience through our dashboard. For example, boost all leather products when customers search for office chairs. Rank new products higher in the search results, or adjust algorithms to meet your goals.

Use Context To Rank Search Results for Conversions

Bloomreach ranks your products with your customers in mind. Using data (e.g., product views, add-to-carts, conversions, and revenue) across the past 30 days, we rank products that will convert at the top of the search results.

Search Intelligence Matters


The Forrester Wave™: Commerce Search And Product Discovery, Q3 2023

Search Intelligence FAQs

Common questions about Bloomreach's Search Intelligence product with Bloomreach Discovery.

Search intelligence has many different forms. But Bloomreach’s intelligent search uses artificial intelligence — like NLP and machine learning — to understand a customer’s intent. This helps brands put the right products or services in front of the right eyes at the right time.

There are many things AI can help with, but the most impactful is scalability. Once you have more than 1,000 products in your catalog, trying to manage and optimize for revenue through rules becomes a full-time job. Instead of improving, you'll get stuck troubleshooting issues as rules overlap each other. AI optimizes the majority of searches, letting you focus on the top 20% you want to control.

A search intelligence platform will include four engines: relevance, optimization, personalization, and customization. These nuts and bolts of e-commerce search (aka the “engines”) work together to address site search issues. They work to surface the most relevant results to increase revenue.

One of our favorite examples of intelligent search is “milk chocolate” vs. “chocolate milk.” These queries have very different intents and contexts behind them. But one of the many things search intelligence can do is separate products from their attributes. Another example of intelligent search is detecting the similarities between 3”, 3 in, and 3 inch screws and still returning the same result set.

It's Not a Claim, It's a Promise

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