Keep Customers Active With Mobile App Marketing

Engage, convert, and retain app users with personalized mobile push and in-app messages.

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The Complete Tool for Personalized Mobile App Marketing

Do it all with a single platform. Drive revenue with mobile push and in-app marketing through a deep understanding of your customer, smart segmentations, and Loomi-powered actions.

Detailed Omnichannel Insights

Powered by our customer data engine, Bloomreach unifies every known and anonymous interaction, both online and offline, into a user profile. Use insights into customer properties, predicted behavior, or actions taken on any channel to build better mobile app campaigns.

Loomi Powered Actions

Make improvement a constant with AI and machine learning features. Loomi's content generation, product recommendations, and best-channel predictions help you refine your customer experience and keep your messaging on point.

Do It All From One Place

Incorporate mobile marketing into broader omnichannel campaigns without jumping betweens apps and tabs. Deliver connected experiences across your best marketing channels to focus on conversions.

users engaged in an NPS campaign over in-app messages
increase in revenue per mobile push notification
increase in revenue per visitor for segmented searchers on mobile devices

Engage Active App Users With In-App Messages

Engage and retain active customers within your app with relevant in-app notifications. Use proven predefined templates or easily create your own messages with our visual and HTML builder.

Seamlessly Embed Personalized Content to Your App With In-app Content Blocks

Keep your customers engaged at all times by injecting targeted, dynamic content directly to your app without disrupting the customer experience.

Reactivate Audiences With Mobile Push Messages

Bring customers back to your app with personalized mobile push messages. Activate all your customer data in one place and provide consistent customer experiences by triggering all your app messages from the same platform.

Extend Your Marketing Reach to Your App Inbox

Harness the full potential of your app inbox and deliver personalized direct messages to a customizable in-app message center. Ensure your push messaging has a permanent home by directly connecting them with your omnichannel campaigns.

Optimize Messaging With Personalization and Predictive Targeting

Personalize in-app messages with product recommendations and data from a single customer view, letting you tailor messaging to each customer’s preferences. Combine these efforts with predictions to target specific audience segments based on churn probability or purchase intent to enhance app experience and boost conversion.

Get Real-Time Feedback

Keep your audience engaged and discover their unique needs with real-time or scheduled surveys that can be delivered directly in the application.

Speak Directly to Your Audience at Any Time or Place

Connect geo-location data with customer preferences and target them with personalized offers that not only suit their specific taste but are also relevant to their location (e.g., discounts in their favorite nearby brick-and-mortar store).

The biggest value in my eyes was that we didn’t need any specific help from our development team.

We were able to drill down on the survey answers and really find out what users in certain groups were satisfied with and what they weren’t satisfied with. That really helped us to know what areas we should work to improve. Read more.

Matej Federic | Marketing Specialist, RoadLords

Mobile App Marketing FAQs

Common questions about Bloomreach's Mobile App Marketing product with Bloomreach Engagement.

That is totally fine! Mobile app is an add-on you can add to any of our base plans. Take a look at all our packages here.

Mobile app marketing is about reaching users that interact with your brand via your mobile app, which is why Bloomreach Engagement offers effective and versatile tools for our customers’ mobile marketing campaigns. From mobile push notifications personalized to meet each customer’s unique preferences to in-app messages and our app inbox feature, you have everything you need to engage and retain your mobile audience, all in one platform.

Mobile marketing platforms are software solutions that automate and optimize mobile marketing campaigns and communications. Bloomreach Engagement is not strictly a mobile marketing platform — it is an omnichannel marketing platform with a built-in customer data engine that unifies all customer data, interactions, preferences, and predicted behavior. With Bloomreach, your data sets and audiences are consistent and accessible on all your channels, so your mobile strategy will always be informed by and in sync with all other campaigns — making sure all your efforts are hyper-targeted and personalized.

Your mobile app can be a great marketing tool for customer retention. You’re already marketing to an audience that has downloaded and utilized your app, and with the right tools you can nurture and maintain a lasting customer relationship. With real-time customer data fueling campaigns like mobile push notifications and in-app messages, your mobile app can keep users coming back and shopping your brand — and that’s exactly what Bloomreach Engagement offers.

Mobile marketing is an essential component in ecommerce. Comprising mobile channels like mobile-optimized browser sites, SMS and MMS, WhatsApp, and mobile apps, it refers to marketing that specifically takes advantage of mobile capabilities. As an omnichannel marketing platform, Bloomreach Engagement can help you optimize your ecommerce mobile marketing by bringing all your data together to fuel your campaigns — ensuring all your efforts are in sync, no matter the device or channel.

Mobile advertising is marketing that appeals to users on mobile app devices, via in-app messages and push notifications. Creating personalized, targeted campaigns fueled by customer data is the most effective way to utilize mobile app advertising to the fullest, which is why Bloomreach provides all the tools you need to do so — along with omnichannel capabilities so your campaigns are always connected, offering the best customer experience.

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