Boost Conversions by Targeting High-Potential Customers With AI


Adjust your marketing strategy based on customer behavior. Loomi predicts each customer’s probability of purchase and automatically segments them into high, medium, or low segments as their behavioral patterns change in real time. From there, the marketer can adjust marketing budgets to boost overall marketing performance.

  • Segment customers into high, medium, and low probability of purchase and adjust ad budgets so you’re spending less on customers who’ll convert anyway, the most on the medium purchase intent segment to try and get them to convert, and the least on the low probability of purchase segment.
  • Send engaging content with recommendations based on each customer’s favorite category to increase the chances of conversion (e.g., “We know you love sneakers — check out this new collaboration!”)

Improve customer lifetime value and sales by segmenting customers based on their likelihood to purchase.


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Video Transcript

Let Bloom Reach help your business by using AI to target customers with the highest chance of making a purchase to boost conversions. Using Bloom reach is out of the box AI powered purchase prediction to identify customers with the highest chance of making a purchase and to adjust marketing budgets across different segments to increase overall marketing performance. You can see here, we have a lot of these preset predictions. What I’m gonna show you is an example. I’ve built that will illustrate the difference between folks that love to buy shirts and folks that love to buy hats. What I have built here is an easy example of understanding historically, folks that have purchased shirts more than 10 times and this would be the criteria to run a model that says these are the folks that typically love shirt buying. Similarly, we can have one for same thing hats. And once this prediction runs, we can go into our scenario builder and build out a case for folks who have that product category affinity that loves shirts, followed by one that loves hats and we can send corresponding action messages to any of the channels natively to Bloomreach. So I can pull over an email, for example and this email can be personalized to shirt buying recommendations. I can pull a text message over. I can send folks to an ad audience. The possibilities are endless and hopefully this gives you a sense on how to increase customer lifetime value and boost sales using AI powered targeting.

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