Travel and Hospitality

Personalize Experiences for New and Repeat Customers

Keep both new and returning customers engaged with tailored, connected experiences that anticipate their needs and behaviors. See how Bloomreach helps travel and hospitality brands drive greater loyalty and revenue.

Drive Greater Loyalty With Bloomreach

Target the Right Customers in Real Time

Segment your customers based on their attributes (likes/dislikes, booking history, etc.), so you can send relevant, timely campaigns. Bloomreach operates in real time to give you the most up-to-date view of your customers and the ability to engage instantly — all from a single place.

Create a Connected Experience

When it comes to travel and hospitality, customers want convenience, seamlessness, and personalization. Use Bloomreach’s AI-driven marketing automation solution to deliver truly relevant experiences that are connected across all your channels.

Keep Customers Coming Back

Make sure your campaigns reach each customer at the exact right time in their journey. Easily create scenarios in Bloomreach to stay connected with customers while they’re planning their trip, during their stay, and beyond.

Why Bloomreach?

Personalization Matters

Keep repeat and first-time customers loyal to your company by offering them connected and personalized experiences.

Create Personalized Omnichannel Experiences in Real Time

Deliver real-time updates to your travelers on bookings, flight changes, discounts, and more. Send personalized newsletters, price drop notifications, and relevant upsell or cross-sell opportunities and promotions to boost conversion rates, average order value, and engagement.

Do Even More With Advanced Personalization

Use our advanced AI to implement contextual personalization, a smarter alternative to basic A/B testing that can increase on-site conversions. You can easily start providing AI-based personalization with five out-of-the-box prediction models, or you can customize the recommendations and predictions according to your business needs.

Easily Integrate Bloomreach Into Your Tech Stack

Take advantage of Bloomreach’s built-in integrations with hospitality solutions. Create a more seamless customer experience by connecting your channels, implementing loyalty programs, gathering feedback and reviews, and more.

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