Food and Beverage

Build Brand Loyalty With Personalized Customer Journeys

Give your customers the experience they crave with Bloomreach. Our AI-powered solution offers the comprehensive toolset you need to turn casual clientele into loyal brand advocates. With personalized site search and omnichannel marketing automation, you can curate every touchpoint to build revenue-driving customer journeys.

Personalization From the First Click to the Last Bite

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Build a Seamless Experience in Real Time

Collect, organize, and leverage all your data to optimize every step in your customer journey. With key insights into your audience’s preferences and past interactions, restaurants can send automated booking notifications, target key audiences with special deals and discounts, create individualized campaigns based on loyalty tiers, and more.

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Connect the Right Customers With the Right Products

For goods-focused food and beverage brands, Bloomreach has the orchestration tools necessary to maximize profits and build long-lasting customer relationships. You can automate end-to-end journeys with campaigns that cater to every unique shopper, like abandoned cart emails, automated restock and price drop alerts, post-purchase follow-ups, and more.

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Serve Up the Most Relevant Results

Empower your customers to easily find exactly what they’re looking for. Bloomreach’s advanced AI-driven search, merchandising, and recommendations engine can instantly personalized search results, tailor product suggestions to individual preferences, and target promotions based on customer behavior to make every customer’s visit a successful interaction.

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