Build Brand Loyalty with Personalized Experiences

Turn your repeat diners and anonymous guests into loyal fans through personalized experiences that feel like magic. All you need is one key ingredient: the Bloomreach Commerce Experience Cloud.

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Bake Value Into Every Interaction

Every customer interaction is an opportunity to provide value to your customers. Take advantage of the customer data at your fingertips with Bloomreach Engagement to learn, optimize, and personalize all of the touchpoints across the customer journey.

Increase customer lifetime value with abandoned cart emails, automated rebut notifications, personalized after-dining communication, and many more plug-and-play use cases that drive revenue.

Serve up the Most Relevant Results

Customers know what they want when they shop online for groceries - help them quickly find their favorite items, build their shopping carts effectively and keep returning for more with Bloomreach Discovery.

Powered by industry-leading machine learning and AI, our search, merchandising, and recommendations engine goes beyond what’s humanly possible to instantly show the right products to the right customer in any scenario. It also encourages customers to reorder their favorite foods, helps them find substitute when a product is out of stock, and even promotes products to specific segments based on behaviour.

Deliver More Than Food

Whether you want to create shoppable recipes, enrich product listing pages with information, or use content in other ways to improve the shopping experience, Bloomreach Content is your go-to solution.

Brands that aim to inspire customers to take action need to look beyond products and build experiences that blur the line between products and content. Widen your toolset and enrich your site with content that will capture the attention of your audience and, more importantly, be relevant to their needs.

Learn How Food & Beverage Companies Across The World Use Bloomreach

How Personalization Impacts the Food & Beverage Industry

> 25%
More stable growth and gross margin of mass-market brand-building compared with non-branded competitors

In the next 8 years, Digital Ubiquity (data, mobile and IoT) is set to be the most impactful disruptive trend related to Mass-market brand-building and product innovation.

Personalized data made all the difference for BrewDog, a Bloomreach customer and an award-winning Scottish craft beer company when customers who received a personalized email clicked on it 15.6% more of the time, and a 11.5% conversion rate and generated 13.8% revenue compared to the 40,000 customers who all received the same non-personalized email.

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