Real-Time Customer Journeys​

AI-Powered Real-Time Marketing ​

Collect, analyze, orchestrate, and predict customer journeys at scale with the only ecommerce data platform on the market focused on driving measurable revenue impact.



A Single Customer View Ready for Activation

Collect all customer data relevant for activation in a single place that powers personalization across the customer journey. This includes on-site data, back-end data, offline data, calculated metrics, and predicted future data. Make customer insights, segments, and attributes available in real time to create personalized experiences at scale.


Real-Time Analytics That Are Truly Real Time

Capture and visualize insights from data the moment you need it. Dig as deep as you want thanks to an event-based data model. Get a high-level overview as well as deep analyses with the customizable nature of reports, cohorts, analyses, custom metrics, and dashboards. Uncover previously unseen trends thanks to identity resolution and profile stitching across devices and data sources.


Trigger Personalized Campaigns​

Adapt your campaigns to the customer’s behavior in real time and stop delivering ineffective campaigns with the wrong message at the wrong time. Use the event data in the single customer view to trigger campaigns in email, SMS, display ads, or 10+ other marketing channels, as well as on-site or in-app. Easily manage complex campaigns, thanks to an intuitive visual scenario builder.

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Stop Relying on Cookies​

Revolutionize Customer Connections With First-Party Data

Build relationships with customers thanks to our first-party data platform. Stop relying on third-party cookies that are being severely limited by major browsers.

Balance Customer Insight with Privacy Integrity

Get an accurate picture of customer behavior and improve your performance metrics while respecting customer privacy at the same time.

Use Cases

Powerful Results With Easy-to-Use Tools

Lower CAC With Lookalike Customer Segments Based on LTV or Purchase Intent​

Target specific segments based on demographics, behaviors, and interests to reach a broader audience instantly. Synchronize lists and segments, create lookalike audiences, and track these events.

Revive Dormant Customers with Omnichannel Win-Back Campaign​

Help recover lost revenue by bringing back inactive customers into the funnel, prevent customers from churning, and gather feedback on why customers became inactive to improve the customer experience.

Personalize Automated Newsletters With Content and Dynamic Product Recommendations​

Transform your newsletter by adding personalization to increase engagement and boost conversions. This can be achieved by personalizing regular automated newsletters with relevant content and dynamic product recommendations.

Boost Conversions by Targeting High-Potential Customers With AI​

Loomi AI predicts each customer’s probability of purchase and automatically segments them into high, medium, or low segments as their behavioral patterns change in real time. Then, update marketing budgets to boost overall marketing performance.

AI-powered Segmentation Based On Return Behavior​

To maximize customer insights, Loomi AI identifies serial returners by analyzing their purchase and return behavior. Marketers use this information to create personalized strategies and messages for improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Boost Email Conversions with AI-powered Contextual Personalization​

Transform your newsletter with AI-powered personalization. Loomi AI analyzes customer context, real-time preferences, and historical interactions to display the most engaging email variant.

Common Questions about Real-Time Customer Journeys

Can Bloomreach help with reducing reliance on third-party cookies?

Yes! Our first-party data platform helps companies build direct relationships with customers and offers a range of solutions for the technical, legal, and privacy respecting aspects of the world without third-party cookies.

Bloomreach offers pre-built integrations with other vendors and also customizable webhooks and APIs that make it as easy as possible to integrate with your current vendor. 

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