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How musicMagpie Prepares for a Cookieless Future with Bloomreach Engagement

musicMagpie, a British-owned online retailer that sells refurbished electronics and second-hand computer games, consoles, books, films, and music, is known for an algorithm that determines the price of an item based on its popularity on competitors’ websites.

The principle behind its purchase-and-sale algorithm is to minimize the amount of stock in musicMagpie’s warehouse. This way, the company can stay attuned to market trends and customer preferences.

stronger ad audiences
performance tracking
a better consent management system

The Challenge

musicMagpie noticed the shift away from third-party cookies, especially once Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) launched. musicMagpie had the proper foresight to realize they would lose a lot of valuable data.

For musicMagpie, cookie limitations meant the possibility of making the wrong strategic decisions, experiencing higher costs per acquisition, falling short on personalization, and lacking intel on the proper budget allocations. If the company wanted to continue to offer limitless customer experiences, it would need to make some adjustments.

The Solution

Bloomreach Engagement and Loomi (Bloomreach’s AI for ecommerce) was a way for musicMagpie to address all of these foreseen issues related to cookie limitations. The comprehensive CDP could collect and unify musicMagpie’s siloed data, which the company intended to use for actionable marketing campaigns to drive revenue.

Previously, businesses relied on pixels or trackers to measure conversions, purchases, and other vital customer actions. Now, these companies need to own and take responsibility for all collected customer data, and that’s where Bloomreach comes into the equation. 

With an intelligent CDP and marketing automation, musicMagpie could effectively tackle the issues inherent in a cookieless world, including building ad audiences, monitoring channel performance, and managing customer consent — all from a single platform. It proved to be a step in the right direction.

The Results

Thanks to Bloomreach Engagement, musicMagpie has taken its marketing and automation strategy to the next level. The combination of front-end tracking and a tracking API helps musicMagpie take in clean data from servers to use in a more actionable way. Server-side conversion tracking also gives musicMagpie complete control over data on its ad networks, such as Facebook, Google, and various affiliate partners.

Using these advanced digitized tools, musicMagpie can now build ad audiences like never before, which allows the business to target, retarget, and even replicate campaigns. Best of all, the consent management feature happens in real time and entrusts end users with control over their personal information, boosting brand trust and loyalty.