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Create winning strategies for delivering hyper-personalized omnichannel customer experiences in the fashion industry. With real-time data and Loomi AI, Bloomreach connects customer understanding to every channel, unlocking endless new paths to purchase.

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Ecommerce Personalization So Good, It Feels Like Couture

Craft tailored, personalized omnichannel experiences that resonate with your customers’ desires. Use Bloomreach Engagement’s AI-powered omnichannel platform to drive enhanced loyalty and retention through impactful, real-time campaigns across email, SMS, web, and more.

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Create Perfectly Curated Site Experiences

Use the power of Loomi AI to curate your online retail experience to both specific preferences and new discoveries. With Bloomreach Discovery’s industry-leading technology, you can deliver personalized product recommendations that convert customers and boost profitability.

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Deliver Useful Content at Every Stage

Transform every aspect of your website into a revenue-driving, personalized experience with Bloomreach Content. Plus, you can empower your teams to deliver compelling digital experiences that drive measurable revenue uplift through scalable, AI-driven personalization — all without IT assistance.

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Why Bloomreach?

Empowering Fashion Brands

To stay ahead of the trends, you must ensure that your marketing platform investment is working and capturing all potential revenue opportunities. Are you equipped to keep up with the ever-changing landscape? 

Connect Offline and Online

In a world of diverse customers with different preferences, tailor your site experiences to match their uniqueness. Seamlessly integrate all channels — including email, SMS, mobile app, web, offline, and more — into our drag-and-drop scenario builder to refine the omnichannel journey.

Actionable Analytics To Drive Profitability

We leave plenty of room for your marketers to work their magic! Uncover trends and patterns in customer behavior, pinpoint the channels where customers engage with your brand, and recognize areas for improvement.

AI-Powered Campaigns

Send fewer but more impactful communications. Leverage our AI tools to power product recommendations, content generation, and predictions to determine optimal engagement strategies.

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