Weird Fish Increases Revenue with Facebook Conversions API and Bloomreach Engagement

Carl Bleich
Carl Bleich

In just over two years of using Bloomreach Engagement, our Customer Data and Experience Platform, Weird Fish, a fashion retailer based in the United Kingdom, has achieved multiple revenue-increasing wins with the product. 

Founded in 1993, Weird Fish holds a simple mission: producing well-priced, well-made, and distinctive clothes that become instant feel-good favorites. Weird Fish has proudly served the United Kingdom and beyond for 28 years and counting with the same founding values at its core. Let’s dive further into what Weird Fish did to be successful with Bloomreach Engagement, how it was achieved, and the impact it had on the company. 

Weird Fish Implements Facebook Conversions API

Weird Fish wanted to ensure its revenue did not suffer because of the changes to third-party tracking by Safari and Firefox. 

Bloomreach Engagement offers the perfect solution in this case: Facebook Conversions API (FB CAPI). The FB CAPI integration offers the possibility of sending important events, such as purchases or leads, to Facebook Ads. That in-turn allows for better optimization of Facebook Ad campaigns. 

FB CAPI directly responds to the decreased reliability of the Facebook pixel and offers more control over what data is being sent to Facebook. The API allows companies to send events to Facebook Ads’ platform directly without having to rely on browser pixel tracking. Brands have much more control over what data is shared with Facebook thanks to Facebook Conversions API. 

The implementation and integration was a success for Weird Fish. In comparing results over a four-month period at the end of January 2021 to the end of May 2021, Weird Fish saw significantly better metrics with Facebook Ad campaigns after using Facebook Conversions API. Those metrics include: 

  • An 82% increase in revenue
  • A 17% increase in impressions
  • A 3% increase in reach 

“The results speak for themselves,” said Steve Hammond, Head of Ecommerce for Weird Fish. “Not only have we seen Facebook Conversions API support considerable uplifts in our revenue, but it has also allowed us to better understand our data and what we can do next to optimize.”

Weird Fish Opts In For Plug&Play 

In its first year using Bloomreach Engagement, Weird Fish was happy with the performance of the basic customer data and marketing automation benefits, but was looking for more creative ways of leveraging it to offer its loyal customers a better customer experience. 

Enter Plug&Play use cases

What is Bloomreach’s Plug&Play?

A Plug&Play use case is a turnkey solution built on expert knowledge that has been collected by Bloomreach over years of working with top clients in the market. These out-of-the-box use cases enable you to create hyper-personalized and ready-to-launch marketing campaigns that follow best practices with minimal time-to-value. 

Bloomreach has dozens of different Plug&Play use cases ready for easy implementation that will help your business solve a pesky problem or optimize operations in a specific area. Some Plug&Play use cases include a post-purchase NPS survey email, free delivery banner, birthday and half-birthday campaigns, or an abandoned browse flow.

Bloomreach’s Plug&Play use cases have had proven success with multiple customers across a myriad of industries. 

“We can launch sophisticated, hyper-personalized use cases within minutes,” said Alper Gondiken, Head of Strategic Initiatives for Bloomreach. “We have developed Plug&Play so that our customers can maximize the value they get from Bloomreach in the fastest time possible.”

Plug&Play use cases allow Bloomreach Engagement users to improve upon an exact issue or address a specific problem with marketing automation. 

Implementation is fast as well. It takes as little as a few minutes and no more than a few days to implement most Plug&Play use cases, depending on how particular businesses chose to fine-tune the design of use case assets. 

The Watchdog Automatic Price Drop Alert

One of the Plug&Play use cases that Weird Fish opted for was the “watchdog automatic price drop alert”. 

What is that exactly? Imagine your company has a subscriber who is particularly interested in two of your t-shirts online. This customer views the shirts multiple times but for whatever reason, just does not pull the trigger and make the purchase. 

If your company had Bloomreach Engagement’s watchdog automatic price drop alert use case, it would increase the chances that the aforementioned customer eventually purchased those t-shirts when they went on sale. 

The products your customer added and abandoned would be added into the customer’s profile as “watchdog items”. When your company puts those previously viewed t-shirts on sale, the scenario automatically recognizes this and notifies the customer via email that the items previously viewed can now be purchased at a discount. 

This drives buyers back to your website and gives them that final push to finally purchase those items all with little to no effort on your end. 

This initiative automatically adjusts and instantly personalizes communications for hundreds or thousands of customers who meet the same criteria. 

Weird Fish Wins with Watchdog

Now, back to Weird Fish. How did this Plug&Play use case actually work in a real-life scenario? 

Like many retailers, Weird Fish employs a strategy of running promotions when new trends and styles come into season. Combining this with the watchdog automatic price drop alert had the potential to be very successful because of the volume of opportunities. 

The results were overwhelmingly positive, according to Alex Jefferis, an Ecommerce Developer for Weird Fish. 

“We ran this campaign in the summer to customers who had browsed full price items but had not converted,” Jefferis said. “The email was triggered and sent to all customers with a ‘price drop’ alert and the results were fantastic. We drove significantly increased conversion rates and unlocked further revenue potential utilizing this Plug&Play use case.” 

The email performance saw an unprecedented conversion rate and robust order numbers. In total, Weird Fish’s conversion rate was 429% higher on price drop notification emails compared to other campaigns. The message also resulted in an increased click rate and open rate when considering audience engagement.  

Now a special feature like the watchdog automatic price drop alert must have taken Weird Fish ages to implement, right?


The use case was ready in Weird Fish’s Bloomreach Engagement environment within minutes. Weird Fish chose to modify the out-of-the-box design of the email to better fit its brand and wound up finishing the design edits in under three weeks. That small amount of work led to a consistently increased conversion rate and more sales.

Bloomreach Engagement Drives Commerce Growth

Weird Fish is an outstanding example of Bloomreach Engagement driving commerce growth in multiple different aspects of the business. The combination of customer data and marketing automation  has the potential to impact a company’s bottom line in multiple different ways. 

“The work we have done with Bloomreach has been fantastic since we started our partnership,” Mercier said. “Our online growth has been exponential and a big part of our success is down to the strategy we have undertaken with Bloomreach. We now have solid foundations in place, with great quality data, that enables us to get accurate insights, helping to shape our decisions.”

If you’re interested in seeing how many different ways that Bloomreach can impact your business, schedule a personalized demo today to see Bloomreach Engagement in action. 


Carl Bleich

Head of Content at Bloomreach

Carl works with Bloomreach professionals to produce valuable, customer-centric content. A trusted expert with over 15 years of experience, Carl loves exploring unique ways to turn problems into solutions within digital commerce. Read more from Carl here.

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