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Company Description:

Antavo is an API-centric and no-code loyalty technology provider that has a sophisticated integration with Bloomreach. Antavo is known for building comprehensive, enterprise-grade loyalty programs to foster brand love and change customer behavior for brands, retailers, and shopping malls. With a scalable and holistic loyalty logic, Antavo supercharges the marketing strategy of omnichannel and eCommerce companies and delivers a next-level shopping experience with best-in-class in-store capabilities. As a global company, Antavo empowers clients like Lagardere, the Benetton Group, BMW, Kathmandu, Jimmy Jazz, BrewDog, Telarus, the N Brown Group, and LuisaViaRoma.


Solution Overview :

Ready-to-use Templates in Bloomreach

Antavo offers pre-designed and integrated templates in Bloomreach for frequently used actions by our clients to reduce implementation time and speed up the time to market. These templates include rules for opting in to the loyalty program, celebrating birthdays, tier upgrade notifications and active lifestyle rewards.


True Omnichannel Solution

Most loyalty solutions on the market only focus on eCommerce. In addition to strong online capabilities, Antavo offers a variety of in-store and mobile technologies to bridge the gap between online and offline.


Experiential Rewards & Exclusivity

Today’s customers demand novelty. With Antavo’s outstanding gamification modules, VIP clubs and badges & challenges, marketers can achieve the WOW factor needed to retain the interest of customers.


Reward Lifestyle Beyond Transactions

Engage customers outside of the buying cycle and align yourself with their values to build long-lasting brand love. Do so by rewarding them for an active lifestyle, eco-friendliness, sustainability and other activities.


Data-Driven & Personalized

Antavo enables hyper-personalized communication through deep integration with data + commerce + marketing technologies, and Antavo-certified System Integrators, BIG4 consultants and Digital Transformation Agencies.


Product Key Benefits:

  • No-code workflows: Antavo’s Workflows tool provides a no-code, swiss-army-knife approach to custom tailor the behavior of your loyalty program in any way, with no custom development required.
  • Headless nature: Antavo’s technology enables their clients to integrate any front-end solution custom-tailored to their customers.
  • Enterprise-ready loyalty solution: Antavo’s Loyalty Engine provides a series of must-have loyalty program features that are sophisticated and flexible without sacrificing user-friendliness.


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