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Wojas Mitigates Ad Blocking and Personalizes Campaigns With Bloomreach Engagement and Vecton

Wojas is one of the largest and most loved Polish footwear manufacturers by its customers. It has a network of over 150 company stores in Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.

The company produces several hundred thousand pairs of shoes every year and uses Bloomreach Engagement to offer its customers the best possible shopping experience online with its brand. Wojas also offers handbags, briefcases, and belts.

revenue per email recipient with personalized campaigns
average order value with personalized campaigns

The Challenge

Understanding shoppers on an individual level and using relevant data to personalize customer experiences was paramount for Wojas. But the amount of internet users who use an ad blocking tool made these goals difficult to achieve. 

In addition to hiding ads, ad blockers disable known tracking scripts like Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel and obscure customer behavior on site. This can lead to these pixels not firing appropriate events, like add-to-cart or purchase events — key touchpoints that campaigns need to function correctly. 

The Solution

Working closely with our partner Vecton, Wojas adopted Bloomreach Engagement to mitigate ad blocking issues and tailor the online shopping experience to the individual preferences of its users.

Bloomreach helped to solve all of these challenges with a custom tracking domain — a script that sends all the data gathered from Wojas’ user activities to a subdomain within the Wojas domain, and from there to the Bloomreach platform.  

This way of gathering data tells ad blockers and browsers that it’s Wojas that owns the domain that is gathering the data, not a third party that will use that data to build a cross-site profile of the customer. 

Third-party trackers like Facebook Pixel will always have to send data to third parties, which is what ad blockers aim to disable. But a first-party solution like Bloomreach Engagement allows companies to be in full control of the customer data they gather.

With this in place, a more tailored customer journey could be orchestrated, offering shoppers a more personalized experience. Key data points such as a customer’s preferences, interests, and intentions could be gathered to fuel data-driven campaigns, along with zero-party data gathered from surveys and style prompts.

The Results

These changes helped Wojas immediately solve problems hindering their personalized marketing efforts and allowed the company to take their campaigns to the next level.

Thanks to Bloomreach Engagement, Wojas users now see a website tailored to their individual preferences and can easily find products to fit their needs. Shoppers are segmented based on real-time data, and Bloomreach’s AI-powered capabilities allow Wojas to implement and test numerous personalized content variants for each segment across different channels and campaigns.

This has led to remarkable growth — especially their hyper-personalized emails campaigns, which have yielded a 19% increase in revenue per email recipient and an impressive 27% rise in average order value.

With a first-party data platform to personalize on-site interactions and marketing communications, Wojas has everything it needs to offer the personalized experiences their customers deserve.