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Notino Expands Its Omnichannel Strategy With Bloomreach Engagement

Founded in 2004, Notino is the largest beauty-specialist online retailer in Europe. The company aims to make high-quality beauty products accessible to everyone with an online store that operates in 27 countries and offers 100,000 unique products from 2,500 global and smaller local brands.

Notino also has a growing network of brick-and-mortar stores, which can be found in the Czech Republic where the company is headquartered as well as 7 other countries.

increase in total conversions from remarketing campaigns in Google Ads in the UK
of total Black Friday orders generated via newly adopted SMS channel
of anti-churn campaign orders made via SMS channel

The Challenge

With so many different customers and such a large variety of products, Notino recognized the importance of personalizing their marketing efforts. Weaving together multiple touchpoints with the insights gained from each customer’s interaction was a top priority for the company, and bringing all their valuable data together in one place was essential for their goals. 

The online beauty store is committed to offering omnichannel communications to their audience fueled by a data-driven platform, which is why they consistently rely on Bloomreach Engagement to personalize their customer experiences. 

The Solution

Notino has been a Bloomreach Engagement customer since 2017, first adopting our platform to help with their automated email campaigns and creating personalized weblayers for on-site customers. As the company has expanded and grown, use of our platform has grown in tandem, with every branch of their marketing now using Engagement to personalize campaigns.

At the heart of Notino’s marketing strategy is the single customer view that Bloomreach offers — a central and individualized view of each of their customers, with all the data from their audience’s relationship with Notino organized into unique customer profiles. This allows the company to collect and consolidate insights from customer behavior across every interaction and use it to fuel every campaign, across every channel.

The Results

With a commitment to holistic customer experiences and thorough, ongoing consulting support from Bloomreach, Notino weaves together email, SMS, mobile push, and remarketing ad campaigns with Engagement’s all-in-one capabilities. 

Organized customer data and streamlined insights help the company segment customers and orchestrate personalized campaigns that have a major impact. Remarketing efforts have been especially successful — remarketing campaigns from Google Ads in the UK have enjoyed a 63% increase in conversion rates thanks to hyper-personalized audience segmentation.

Notino’s most recently adopted channel, SMS, has also had a positive influence on the company’s omnichannel experience. During Notino’s most recent Black Friday efforts, 11% of all orders were made via SMS, and ongoing campaigns have yielded impressive results. 

Using channel-specific discount codes, Notino launched an omnichannel campaign to support an in-store event promoting the launch of a new perfume line. 58% of the codes that were redeemed at the store were from SMS messages, highlighting just how effective the channel can be in an omnichannel strategy. 

Notino used a similar omnichannel tactic to retarget customers in danger of churning, sending them special discounts via multiple channels. 60% of customer orders from this campaign were made through SMS.

Thanks to Bloomreach Engagement, Notino can create interconnected experiences that span multiple channels, incorporating the most relevant customer data to personalize every stage of the customer journey.