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O2 Slovakia Builds Better Ad Audiences With Bloomreach Engagement

O2 Slovakia is a telecommunications company operating in Slovakia and a member of the PPF Telco Group. Working at the forefront of mobile communication, the company has provided valuable services for over 15 years and currently serves 2.3 million customers and counting. 

lower cost per page visit for Facebook ads
lower cost per conversion for Google responsive ads
lower cost per conversion for Google discovery ads

The Challenge

O2 Slovakia wanted to optimize their Facebook and Google ad audiences to make sure their digital campaigns were reaching the right users with the right message. To achieve this, they built lookalike audiences within Facebook and Google Ads to target potential customers with acquisition campaigns. 

But the ability to build sophisticated audiences and segment potential customers based on relevant data was limited in Facebook and Google’s audience builders. The company wasn’t achieving the results they aimed for, and turned to Bloomreach Engagement to bolster their audience-building efforts.

The Solution

O2 Slovakia already trusted Bloomreach’s weblayers and powerful automated mobile app campaigns to help the company build a cohesive customer experience across channels. So when their lookalike audiences needed a boost, O2 Slovakia relied on our solution to fine-tune their Facebook and Google ads and reach success.

Leveraging the first-party data gained from Bloomreach’s tracking capabilities, O2 Slovakia utilized Bloomreach’s ad targeting features to create more accurate lookalike audiences for their Facebook and Google campaigns. 

With a real-time and factual understanding of their current customers already present in our platform, the company could create lookalike audiences that identified the most valuable and receptive users for their ad efforts. 

This helped O2 Slovakia build audiences that truly reflect the preferences and attributes of their most responsive audience, which yielded worthwhile results.

The Results

To see how effective these lookalike audiences were at attracting and retaining new customers, O2 Slovakia set up A/B testing between the Bloomreach-built audiences and those built within Google and Facebook’s audience builders. 

Across the board, Bloomreach’s lookalike audiences produced better results. 

For O2 Slovakia’s Google discovery ad campaigns, the ad audiences created using Bloomreach Engagement produced an above-average click-through rate and the largest number of conversions. Compared to the campaigns that relied on Google’s audience builder, the Bloomreach-fueled campaigns reduced the cost per conversion by 25%.

In the case of responsive Google ads, lookalike audiences created with Bloomreach Engagement reduced the cost per conversion by 37% compared to Google-built audiences.

Bloomreach achieved the same level of success with Facebook ad A/B tests. Bloomreach-built audiences reduced the cost per page visit by 60% compared to campaigns powered by Facebook’s audience builder. 

With such successful outcomes, it’s easy to see why O2 Slovakia counts Bloomreach Engagement as an essential tool for optimized ad campaigns and a valuable part of their marketing tech stack.