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Rapha Racing Sees +31% Purchase Events from Facebook Ads With Bloomreach’s Conversions API

Rapha Racing is getting a more accurate picture of its Facebook Ads performance with the ability to see 31% more purchase events in Facebook Ads Manager.

Rapha Racing makes the world’s finest cycling clothing. For 15 years, these products have redefined comfort, performance, and style for cyclists from absolute beginners through to WorldTour professionals.

more purchase events seen in Facebook Ads Manager thanks to Facebook Conversions API

The Challenge

The rising costs of paid advertising are a serious issue in today’s market. And what many companies have realized is that third-party cookie limitations play a part in that. Not only do ad networks (e.g. Facebook Ads) get less data to use for optimization, the number of conversions in the reporting user interface has also taken a big hit.

That means Facebook Ads might be more effective than you think based on the data you’re seeing. Which means that if you pull the budget and put it in a different channel, your numbers might get even worse. 

Talk about confusion and uncertainty.

The Solution

This is the situation Rapha recognized and worked to remedy with Bloomreach Engagement, which is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The performance marketing team at Rapha wanted a solution that would help regain the data quality that was lost.

The implementation of Facebook Conversions API with Bloomreach is lightning fast. Rapha implemented it in one hour. Rapha was ready, knew what to do, and that resulted in the immediate sending of events to Facebook. 

The new implementation also allows Rapha’s marketing team to track new conversion events in no time and without the hurdles connected to the standard pixel implementation. 

With Bloomreach and a few clicks, Rapha can start sending any already tracked events through Conversions API. This allows all relevant customer actions to be seen directly in Facebook Ads and it allows Rapha to get a clear picture of the engagement and ROI Facebook campaigns are driving.

The Results

After all was said and done, Rapha saw a 31% increase in successfully tracked purchase events. This means the pixel-based tracking was able to see only two in three purchases that took place on Rapha’s website.