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Isadore Increases Email Marketing Revenue and Decreases Returns With Bloomreach Engagement

Isadore creates quality and stylish cycling clothing in correlation with its ethical principles and in the most sustainable way possible. With its timeless designs for men, women, and children, Isadore believes that every piece of clothing should resolve cyclists’ daily problems.


revenue from email marketing comparing H2 2022 to H2 2021
higher conversion rate from emails comparing H2 2022 to H2 2021
decrease in potential returns with sizing weblayer

The Challenge

As Isadore grew and expanded its e-commerce goals, it was looking for a smarter SaaS tool to consolidate its customer data and use it more efficiently to achieve its marketing and sales goals. 

In addition to a desire to connect with its loyal customers on additional channels without adding multiple vendors to its tech stack, Isadore needed a platform that could collect customer data, create customer profiles, and segment them, all in real time. 


The Solution

Bloomreach Engagement proved to be the perfect solution for Isadore. 

By focusing on personalizing the content, cadence, and timing of every email for every customer, Isadore began to send fewer emails but was able to generate more revenue in total from email marketing as a result of this new strategy. 

Bloomreach’s built-in customer data engine worked to translate every known and anonymous customer interaction into a user profile for Isadore. That allowed emails to be triggered from any event, customer property, action, or predicted behavior. This helped Isadore understand what customers were looking for from its brand and as a result, targeting, email segmentation, and email personalization all greatly improved.  

While email marketing is a major focus for Isadore, the company also uses weblayers to communicate key messages with customers on-site. 

One such weblayer focused on ensuring customers could get the sizing help they needed at checkout. The purpose of this weblayer was two-fold: to ensure customer satisfaction with the products being delivered and to prevent customers from ordering two of the same items that were sized differently (and likely returning one of them). 

Any customer who put two items in their shopping cart of different sizes saw the weblayer offering them an option to get sizing help. Since that weblayer was created and turned on, over 69% of customers removed a product from their cart after being prompted with that weblayer. In comparison, prior to the creation of that weblayer only roughly 40% of customers removed duplicate products from their cart. 

The Results

Optimizing the customer experience paid off for Isadore in terms of improved email and e-commerce returns metrics. 

Comparing Bloomreach Engagement’s email marketing results from the second half of 2022 to the results from a previous email service provider from the second half of 2021, Isadore generated an additional 50% of revenue using Bloomreach Engagement. It also increased its email conversion rate 45% in that same timeframe. 

After adding the sizing weblayer to its checkout process, Isadore saw a 29% decrease in potential returns and also achieved a sustainable commerce principle of balancing profitability with environmental and social responsibility. This is also in line with Isadore’s sustainability initiatives, which focus on a “healthy planet to ride on.'' 

“Our success isn’t measured only in metrics, but also in the knowledge that we’re contributing to a more sustainable future,” Marek Sulik said.

These results were achieved thanks in part to Isadore’s hard work inside Bloomreach Engagement and the enablement provided by the Bloomreach Academy and Bloomreach Client Services. Bloomreach Academy helps professionals from Isadore and other Bloomreach customers learn the skills they need to succeed with their usage of the platform. 

“I became very skilled within Engagement in a very short period of time thanks to the Academy,” Marek Sulik said. “The Bloomreach consultants have also been able to consistently deliver the results that we wanted from them.”