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4Home Achieves 800% ROAS Increase With Bloomreach Engagement

4Home is a retailer that has specialized in home, garden, and practical goods since 2004. It offers stylish home textiles, original home decorations, and modern kitchen equipment. 4Home uses Bloomreach Engagement to unify its customer data and create marketing campaigns across channels that drive revenue.

return on advertising spend (ROAS) increase with Bloomreach Engagement's Facebook Ad Audiences

The Challenge

4Home set a goal for itself of furthering its brand reach and expanding business into new markets. Accomplishing this goal involved improving its performance with Facebook Ads. 

There is currently a lot of noise surrounding Facebook Ads in the market. Many businesses are seeing a significant reduction in results from Facebook Ads campaigns, and reoptimizing those campaigns is slowly becoming a market problem because of changes to third-party cookies and third-party tracking across the globe. 

4Home wanted to ensure that it was using its social media advertising budget on Facebook efficiently and effectively. Rather than ruling out Facebook as a performance channel entirely, it looked to Bloomreach for help.

The Solution

Bloomreach Engagement’s Facebook Ad Audiences functionality was the perfect solution for 4Home. 

The integration allowed 4Home to create custom and sophisticated audiences for lookalike targeting so it could retarget customers who had not visited its website in a while. It was simple to set up thanks to our customer data engine within 4Home’s native Bloomreach Engagement environment, and the feature was up and running quickly so 4Home did not have to wait to begin targeting. 

How quickly? The initial setup took just a couple of days as 4Home had already collected enough customer data to begin the project. Creating an audience with that data takes a matter of minutes once a company is ready to do that. 

These custom segments resulted in a massive uplift for 4Home and helped the company accomplish its goal of expanding into new markets.

The Results

4Home experienced extremely positive results with Bloomreach Engagement’s Facebook Ad Audiences capability. 

The most impressive of these results was a 800% increase in return on advertising spend (ROAS) on Facebook. This generated significant extra monthly revenue that helped accomplish 4Home’s goal of expanding its business into new markets. 

“The ease with which you can set up a customer and detailed audience in Bloomreach to further use it in Facebook Ads is astonishing and a huge time saver for us,” said Zdeněk Staník, Marketing Manager for 4Home.