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A powerful combination of AI-powered site search, SEO, recommendations, and product merchandising so you can deliver the perfect results to your customers.

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Think Outside the Search Box

Intelligent Product Search

Does your search engine know the difference between a “shirt dress” and a “dress shirt”? With Bloomreach’s semantic understanding, you can automatically offer more relevant results at scale.

Our search engine is always learning from your customers’ behaviors so your results improve over time.

Personalize which products appear and how products rank for each visitor. Bloomreach Search understands user preferences on a one-to-one basis and reorders products based on user preferences and your segments.

How do we do it?

Strategic Merchandising

Bloomreach’s AI works in tandem with merchandisers to help them be more data-driven and impactful. Bloomreach customers spend 30-50% less time on operational merchandising tasks and more time on strategic impact.

Prioritize your work with insights that show the biggest opportunities for improvement on your site, such as zero results queries, heatmap, and reports on underperforming categories.

Remove subjectivity from the conversation by A/B testing every idea you have and confirming the results.

How do we do it?


Quickly add best practice recommendations like Trending and Frequently Bought Together with ready-to-go algorithms that automatically update for your site.

Create rule-based recommendations to accomplish unique strategies for your business, such as highlighting specific product lines or creating curated product collections for the holidays.

Because Recommendations are built on the same engine as Bloomreach Search, they adapt based on search behavior for a seamless discovery experience.

How do we do it?

Automated SEO

Drive incremental organic search traffic by filling content gaps in existing category pages for mid and long tail queries. Bloomreach SEO indexes the web to understand what customers are looking for and all the ways they are searching for these products.

Better link structure of the site to improve discoverability. Improve keyword ranking by adding crawlable content that reinforces and enhances the intents of a given page for incremental organic search traffic and revenue.

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Strategic merchandising

Bloomreach Merchandising uses an intuitive drag-and-drop grid to customize how products are ranked on your site. Easy tools within the dashboard give merchandisers access to boost and bury rules, synonym management, insight reports, and more.

Personalized recommendations

Bloomreach Recommendations offer two types of recommendations, algorithm-driven and rule-based. Algorithm-driven recs can be added to a page and configured within minutes. Rule-based recommendations are easy for merchandisers to configure based on their unique goals before adding to any page.

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