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Bloomreach Discovery leverages Loomi, our industry leading AI for e-commerce, to drive impact faster than any other product discovery solution. We will prove it.

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What Is Bloomreach Discovery?

Product discovery that drives immediate ROI and revenue.

  • Site Search
  • Search Intelligence
  • Personalized Search
  • Strategic Merchandising
  • Recommendations
  • Automated SEO

Smarter Site Search

Understand customer intent with Bloomreach’s search engine. Our technology delivers the right results to your customers, resulting in more conversions and revenue.

Search Intelligence

Lead the pack in innovation with our self-learning AI, Loomi. With multiple patents related to e-commerce search, Bloomreach is the market leader in intelligence.

Personalized Search

Use both historical and in-session data to segment customers in real time and deliver personalized experiences. Drive faster ROI, including up to 8.5% more revenue per visitor.

Strategic Merchandising

Focus on our biggest opportunities for improvement using our AI, Loomi, so you can spend 50% less time on operational tasks and more time on strategy. Use our built-in A/B testing to ensure that every change you make is the best for your e-commerce site.


Tailor your product recommendations to your customers’ needs for greater upsell and cross-sell revenue. Get started faster with ready-to-go recommendations, like “Trending Products.” Or, create rule-based recommendations to execute specific strategies.

Automated SEO

Increase your organic site traffic by creating a better link structure and filling in content gaps on existing pages. As a result, you’ll boost keyword rankings and revenue.

We Help Big Names Make a Big Difference



increase in conversions

See Case Study
See Case Study


increase in revenue per visitor

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See Case Study


increase in revenue from search

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See Case Study


increase in add-to-cart rate on category pages

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See Case Study


increase in revenue per search user

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increase in basket-building speed

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increase in revenue lift from intelligent merchandising

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The Best Site Search, Bar None

See immediate revenue lift with Bloomreach Discovery’s smarter search engine, broad industry experience, and more efficient merchandising.

Get a Head Start With Day Zero Learnings

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Stop waiting around for a pixel to learn your customers’ behavior. Take advantage of the largest e-commerce dataset out there to get an immediate edge over your competitors.

Tap Into Extensive Industry Experience

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Bloomreach has learned from the largest B2C and B2B sellers across every industry. We have ready-to-go solutions for your challenges — no customization required.

Be More Efficient With Smart Merchandising

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Merchandisers save 30-50% more hours with Bloomreach. Spend less time diagnosing issues and zero time waiting for IT. Get straight to tailoring the product grid in ways that impact your business.


The Forrester Wave™: Commerce Search And Product Discovery, Q3 2023

Ready To See the Difference With Bloomreach?

Bloomreach Discovery allows you to hit the ground running on launch day. We’ve conducted over 100 A/B tests that prove we significantly lift revenue across every industry. Find out how to create better customer experiences, reduce manual workloads, and generate faster ROI.

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