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HD Supply Increases Search Revenue With Bloomreach Discovery

HD Supply is in the process of rethinking its entire digital strategy. Certain pesky pain points meant the multi-billion dollar company wasn’t innovating at a fast enough rate. It needed a solution that would allow it to serve its customers in the new digital world.

increase in revenue from search
increase in add-to-cart rate
the time it now takes HD Supply to find and fix search query problems

The Challenge

The HD Supply ecommerce team analyzed its channel available and how its customers interacted with them. 

It realized that buyers wanted to be able to make a purchase quickly and reliably. HD Supply had to be able to facilitate its customers finding the right products fast and ensure that they could order them efficiently and go about their everyday business. 

HD Supply set out to make its buying experience a more optimal one, specifically looking to improve its add-to-cart feature.

The Solution

With the knowledge that using as much technology out-of-the-box as possible would avoid heavy customization further down the line, HD Supply settled on Bloomreach Discovery as its site search technology of choice.

Understanding that HD Supply customers want to complete purchases fast, HD Supply revamped its site search experience and added the ability to “add to cart” directly from the search bar.

Customers now see the product image, part number, price, and an option to add the product to their cart all directly in the search bar. 

HD Supply desired to have technology to reduce some of the workload on its team. It now relies on the Bloomreach algorithm to drive the majority of search results.

The Results

With these changes in search, HD Supply experienced a 16% increase in revenue from search. This was the result of the Bloomreach algorithm at work. 

In addition to that, HD Supply experienced a 4% increase in add-to-cart rate. This was specifically from list and product detail pages. That result communicates loudly that customers are finding the items they want to purchase thanks to the Bloomreach algorithm. 

The ecommerce team can also make other site changes quickly and Bloomreach Discovery also unlocked the possibility for personalization. The segmentation and personalization capabilities have been very powerful for HD Supply. 

Additionally the Insights dashboard allows the team to identify problem areas fast. If an issue is reported by a customer, Insights helps HD Supply gain more data to understand the issue at hand. Bloomreach Discovery allows for the identification and solving of problems with queries in 30 seconds. That’s a big win for HD Supply.