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Bosch Power Tools Enables Localization Through Headless Commerce

The Power Tools Division of the Bosch Group is the world market leader for power tools and power tool accessories.

helped to change the technology, culture, and mindset of Bosch Power Tools on a global scale.

The Challenge

As Amazon drives industry trends, it’s essential that B2B brands like Bosch don’t fall behind. 

With Bosch Power Tools operating multiple global sites, the organization understood that its customers inherently expect the same tailored digital experience. This was the business unit’s main challenge — creating multiple unique experiences at the country level, while promoting and aligning holistic experiences globally.

The Solution

Bosch Power Tools created an infrastructure and baseline of technology systems and processes for all corners of its organization to follow. It wasn’t about taking control — it was actually about helping to accelerate the organization regardless of the country or region.

This led Bosch to headless commerce and Bloomreach Content. Headless commerce differentiates from traditional commerce and CMS systems by untethering the backend and frontend from each other. Using a headless approach and leveraging Bloomreach Content enables Bosch to replace its frontend system without bringing operations to a halt, thereby maximizing efficiencies.

The Results

Bosch is now able to build features on a global scale to accelerate the organization’s initiatives while delivering a highly personalized experience country to country. 

Bosch partners with Bloomreach and SAP. The Bloomreach Commerce Experience Cloud seamlessly integrates with SAP Commerce Cloud and is part of SAP’s Industry Cloud Program, available on the SAP Store. This powerful combination empowers customers like Bosch to build personalized, relevant experiences that convert on any channel and every journey.