More Channels. More Sales. All Managed on One Platform

Your customers aren’t on one channel. They’re on all of them. Easily manage all your brands and channels from a single interface and localize content for your global marketing strategy.

Omnichannel Experience Management

Reuse and update banners, text, graphics, images, videos, interactive components, and more across all your channels. Publish on any channel, whether it's your single page application, website, app, kiosk, or IoT device.

Create New Channels in Seconds

Add new channels with just a few clicks — no coding skills required. Start building by choosing a channel blueprint and stand up a new channel, brand, or microsite in record time.

你好, Multilingual

Tune your localization strategy for a global audience. Speak the local lingo by translating your store content into different languages. Whether it's a banner, an image, or just some text, your content is fully localizable.

Move Faster With Built-in Image and Asset Management

Optimize page performance by using the best possible image size for any screen and device. Enjoy automatic image variant creation by uploading images, videos, or PDFs directly to Bloomreach's repository.

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Headless Content

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Page Building

Easily create web pages with e-commerce as the focus

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Content Personalization

Personalize every content component across any touchpoint

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Web Personalization

Build uniquely personalized web experiences for your customers

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Site Search

Improve customer experience with tailored search

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Product Recommendations

Create targeted, relevant recommendations

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