Marketers Should Be Limitless

So what’s holding them back?

Meet Kate

Kate works in marketing, and she might remind you a little of yourself. And not just because you also have 300 browser tabs open, which for the record, is perfectly normal and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

You might see yourself in Kate because you, too, are a smart marketer with a lot of great ideas. But you, too, are held back by the limitations of your marketing technology. We want to change that. 

Marketing Technology for the Kates of the World

Bloomreach built marketing automation technology for the Kates of the world — for you. Within a single tool, marketers have the freedom to create personalized campaigns that span every channel. Empowered with unified, real-time data and smart, commerce-specific AI, they can continuously unlock the next level of customer experience. 

Powered by Loomi

Bloomreach empowers you to be limitless with Loomi , AI for e-commerce. Specifically engineered to drive e-commerce growth, Loomi is what fuels connected, personalized customer journeys across every channel, in real-time, at scale.

Your Old Limitations Become New Possibilities

Tell us what’s holding you back. We’ll show you just one of the many ways we can help. See More Possibilities 

The benefits are endless due to the possibility to track everything imaginable. We have learned a lot from the data we get. We thought we understood our customers, but the data showed us otherwise.

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What I really like is that it allows you to combine multiple data sources and apply logical operations to them. It opens up limitless possibilities for campaigns and analytics.

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