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Revolution Beauty Creates Interconnected Experiences With Bloomreach Engagement and Yotpo


Story Behind the Brand

Revolution Beauty is a beauty company dedicated to providing incredible, cruelty-free beauty products for everyone. Based in the UK with a worldwide presence, the business spans 13 brands and a range of cosmetics and beauty categories that strive to provide customers with accessible, affordable products that break down barriers that stop them from enjoying beauty.

increase in loyalty redemptions from omnichannel campaigns
increase in conversion rates from CRM channels
open rate from reactivation email campaign


With such a wide-reaching audience with unique wants and needs, connecting with shoppers on a personal level and retaining their business was a top priority for Revolution Beauty — especially their most loyal customers. Their loyalty program, Rev Rewards, was launched in 2020 using our valued partner Yotpo and is instrumental in retaining and engaging their most high-value audience.

To bolster the success of Rev Rewards and optimize every stage of the customer lifecycle, Revolution Beauty needed to truly know their customers and be able to adapt quickly, reaching them when and where it counts. They wanted to expand their marketing channels and communicate with customers across multiple touchpoints, guiding them with personalized campaigns fueled by a deep understanding of each customer’s motivations.

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Bloomreach Engagement has given Revolution Beauty everything it needs to create the data-driven omnichannel marketing strategy they were striving for.

Our platform provides a single customer view of each of their customers, allowing the company to collect and consolidate insights from customer behavior across every interaction.

And with all their data and touchpoints accessible in one place, Revolution Beauty was able to launch four new marketing channels — push notifications, SMS, weblayers, and direct mail — and weave together connected customer journeys tailored to each individual customer, resulting in a 22% increase in conversion rates.

We implemented Bloomreach over a year ago and the platform has been amazing. It enables us to understand our customers better, and we’ve been able to launch four new direct marketing channels, stitching together connected customer journeys because we can see all the touchpoints in one place.


Ash Madhav

Head of Customer Insight & Engagement, Revolution Beauty


Since implementing Bloomreach Engagement, Revolution Beauty has elevated their customer experience with personalized campaigns that cater to a customer’s unique needs, like reminding customers to reorder items with replenishment timings. Our platform has been especially successful in spotlighting and supporting their loyalty program, helping the company reach and engage their most valuable customers.

Through seamless custom API integration between Yotpo and direct mail platform ZAP~POST, Bloomreach enabled Revolution Beauty to implement a personalized omnichannel strategy that targeted loyalty customers with a direct mail campaign during peak holiday season, reminding them of their loyalty points balance. Each promotion was personalized to a customer’s unique loyalty points total, and when a customer subsequently visited Revolution Beauty’s website after receiving the direct mail promotion, they were served a personalized pop up with the same promotion highlighting the rewards they already have.

This loyalty campaign, which offered no additional discounts or offers beyond a customer’s existing loyalty points, is the company’s best performing direct mail campaign to date and a lucrative omnichannel experience that yielded a 20% increase in loyalty redemptions.

Results like these inspired Revolution Beauty to continue personalizing its customer journey with tailored campaigns. After participating in GrowthLab, our monthly workshop dedicated to helping brands explore innovative marketing tactics and accelerate growth, the beauty company decided to implement personalized reactivation emails for its lapsed email subscribers. 

Harnessing the power of Loomi AI, our AI built for ecommerce, the brand contextually personalized emails to serve the right email to the right recipient based on their specific context. This new initiative yielded impressive results: a 71% open rate and a 15% conversion rate, inspiring Revolution Beauty to craft even more personalized experiences to re-engage their lapsed email subscribers. 

Thanks to Bloomreach Engagement, Revolution Beauty can create interconnected campaigns that span multiple channels, incorporating customer data, real-time insights, and automated flows to personalize every stage of the customer experience.

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