Personalize, Optimize, Convert: Bloomreach Engagement’s New Must-Have Features

Jonathan Senin Valentina Benaglio
Jonathan Senin Valentina Benaglio

Modern marketing is all about customer data: collecting it, protecting it, and analyzing it to drive smart business decisions.

But actually gathering your data and turning them into actionable insights that drive results can be a challenging, time-consuming process that can leave even seasoned marketers feeling overwhelmed.

Bloomreach Engagement takes a revolutionary leap forward with new AI-powered features designed to empower marketers of all technical backgrounds. Keep reading to explore three of these groundbreaking features, all powered by Loomi AI.

AutoSegments for Effective Customer Segmentation

Segmentation is the lifeblood of successful ecommerce marketing. Delivering the right message to the right audience is key to driving sales and maximizing customer lifetime value (LTV). Imagine sending emails about your latest hiking boots to customers who only buy kayaking gear — that’s a mismatch you want to avoid. 

Unfortunately, many marketers struggle to build granular segments that drive business outcomes. Targeting high-potential segments within a campaign requires layers of skill sets: 

  • Being able to identify opportunities within your customer base (e.g., discovering that kayaking customers have high average order value and propensity to buy)
  • Being able to translate that insight into segment criteria (e.g., I have zero-party data about a customer’s category affinity and I know that this group loves kayaking)
  • Being able to target that segment on the right channel with the right products (e.g., personalized product recommendations for kayaks and not hiking gear)

Bloomreach Engagement’s AutoSegments feature cuts through this process and helps marketers automatically generate segments and identify opportunities for conversion. Essentially, it uses AI to take the guesswork out of audience segmentation. Our new feature uses Loomi AI to analyze customer interactions and uncover qualitative metrics like brand perception and satisfaction. This reveals how customers truly feel about your brand, going beyond surface-level demographic information like where they live or how old they are.

Powered by Loomi AI, AutoSegments leverages a machine learning technique called formal concept analysis to find every possible permutation and combination of customer property and metric, analyzing millions of possible segment definitions before finding the most valuable one for the marketer. In order to use AutoSegments, marketers simply have to enter a few customer properties and metrics, essentially telling Loomi AI what to “look for” when it hunts for opportunities. 

Bloomreach engagement Autosegment customer segmentation analysis
Bloomreach Engagement Autosegment, AI-driven customer segmentation results

AutoSegments automatically generates customer segments based on their product interests. Along with separating the hikers from the kayakers, AutoSegments uncovers high-value customer segments (those most likely to become loyal spenders) based on their interest in specific product categories or types. Your team can then use that intel to deliver hyper-targeted messaging that drives customers to buy. 

Benefits for Ecommerce Marketers

AutoSegments puts time back into your day and helps your team grow in several key ways: 

  • Reduce time spent on segmentation by removing the need to create and test audience segments manually. AutoSegments delivers ready-made segments based on real customer data.
  • Personalize marketing at scale by using the customer and product preference insights that Loomi delivers with each and every AutoSegment. AutoSegments will also tell you how best to reach these shoppers, so you can elevate personalization with less effort on your team’s part. 
  • Improve customer acquisition cost (CAC) and reduce unnecessary marketing spend by finding low-performing sub-segments from paid media campaigns and retargeting high-potential ones.
  • Increase customer lifetime value by better understanding customer preferences. With AutoSegments, you can deliver targeted offers and recommendations that resonate with buyers, driving repeat purchases and increasing LTV.

AutoSegments in Action

Let’s say you want to drive repeat purchases but your retention campaigns aren’t performing as well as you’d like. You may have some theories on how you can improve targeting and personalization, but you aren’t entirely sure where to start. 

That’s where AutoSegments comes to the rescue. By analyzing a variety of customer properties like category affinity, sport type, and location, as well as metrics like click-through rate and customer LTV, Loomi AI might find a segment that is ripe for retargeting. For example, it might find a group of users who: 

  • Are kayakers
  • Have an affinity for whitewater rafting
  • Are located in Denver, Colorado 
  • Have a high LTV but a low click-through rate 

With these insights in hand, marketers can create a new retention and repurchase campaign just for this group, making sure to include imagery and products related to whitewater kayaking. The marketing team can confidently include high-priced products, knowing these are some of the most loyal customers.

Demonstration of Loomi autosegments in Bloomreach Engagement

The result? Your campaign reaches only the most engaged customers, who receive targeted messages showcasing relevant gear based on past browsing behavior and demographics. This translates to higher engagement, more sales, and lasting customer loyalty — all while avoiding irrelevant outreach that might annoy other customer segments.

Loomi Analytics Assistant: Your Personal AI Copilot 

While customer data is crucial, extracting the insights you need from complex reports and dashboards can be overwhelming. Bloomreach Engagement makes getting actionable insights fast and easy with Loomi Analytics Assistant, an AI-powered feature that puts the power of data analysis at your fingertips.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that conversions have been lower recently. Instead of wading through endless reports to confirm your suspicions, you simply ask Loomi AI, “Create a funnel showing page visits to purchase completions and divide it by device type.” In seconds, Loomi Analytics Assistant creates the requested report and just like that, you realize that mobile checkout completion rates are down. Now that Loomi AI helped you pinpoint the issue, you can quickly optimize where needed to hit your goals. Loomi AI also explains the report it created while giving you a detailed step-by-step explanation of the report’s logic.

The best part? Loomi Analytics Assistant’s magic doesn’t end in report creation — it can generate custom metrics, funnels, aggregates, expressions, and customer segments based on your natural language queries. Need to understand which marketing channels are driving the most high-value customers? Ask Loomi AI, and it will create a segment of those customers and analyze where they came from, revealing how well your acquisition channels are performing.

loomi analytics assistant product example for Bloomreach Engagement customers

Benefits of Loomi Analytics Assistant 

Loomi Analytics Assistant uses an AI-powered conversational interface to help marketers unlock the true power of their data. Here’s how Loomi Analytics Assistant can help:

  • Increased Efficiency and Saved Time: 15 minutes per task. That’s your marketing time-saver with Loomi Analytics Assistant. Marketers reported freeing up this much time on average per task when tackling reports, segments, funnels, metrics, trends — the whole toolkit. Loomi Analytics Assistant streamlines your workflow, giving you more time to focus on what truly matters: crafting winning marketing campaigns.
  • Improved Data Ownership and Accessibility: Loomi Analytics Assistant empowers marketers to build analyses independently, reducing reliance on IT or data teams.
  • Quicker Time to Market: 5 seconds. That’s all it takes for Loomi Analytics Assistant to transform your marketing. Generate insightful reports, craft laser-focused segments, and find data to fuel your wildest campaign ideas. This lightning-fast analysis doubles your productivity, letting you validate, test, iterate, and execute like never before.

Loomi Analytics Assistant in Action

Loomi Analytics Assistant can tackle common marketing challenges using the power of customer data. Here are a few scenarios:

Optimizing Your Checkout Funnel

You suspect there’s a problem with your checkout funnel. Cart abandonment rates seem high, but you’re not sure where customers are dropping off. With Loomi Analytics Assistant, you can quickly analyze metrics like checkout completion rate and create funnels to determine exactly where customers are abandoning the process, so you can focus your optimization efforts on the most impactful areas.

Identifying Lapsed Customers

Let’s say you’re concerned about customer engagement, which seems low lately. You suspect a segment of your customer base has become inactive. You ask Loomi Analytics Assistant to create a report showing the total revenue generated by first-time purchasers compared to customers who have purchased more than once and then to segment them. Thanks to Loomi AI, you’re able to confirm your hypothesis and pinpoint these lapsed customers. Now you can take action on this insight ASAP without relying on data teams! 

Understanding Marketing Attribution

You’re running multiple marketing campaigns across different channels, but you’re unsure which ones drive the most sales. Loomi Analytics Assistant can analyze data from various sources, including website traffic, email marketing performance, and social media engagement. By attributing conversions to the appropriate channels, Loomi AI helps you understand which marketing efforts deliver the best return on investment.

Weblayer Variant Generation for Higher Conversions

On-site pop-ups and banners can help drive sales, but they can also be intrusive and annoying when done incorrectly. Bloomreach Engagement solves this problem with our new weblayer variant generation tool.

This innovative feature eliminates the guesswork of A/B testing by automatically generating multiple variations of your pop-ups and banners. Driven by Loomi AI’s powerful capabilities, Engagement ensures your weblayers are contextually personalized, maximizing their effectiveness and minimizing annoyance.

weblayer pop-up variants autogenerated by Loomi in Bloomreach Engagement

Benefits Beyond Efficiency

While the speed and convenience of our weblayer variant generation feature are undeniable, the real payoff comes in the results. You can:

  • Test different elements within weblayers to find which combination resonates most with your audience. This will ultimately lead to increased click-through rates and conversions.
  • Drive more opt-ins, such as for email and SMS, for future marketing efforts. Loomi AI helps craft the most effective pop-up variations to maximize sign-ups.
  • Get creative with your banners and pop-ups to gather rich customer data about preferences and behaviors. For example, you might deploy a quiz-style pop-up that uncovers what your customer is looking for and the challenges they’re trying to solve with your product.

Weblayer Variant Generation in Action

Imagine that you’d like to offer an exclusive discount for first-time shoppers who provide their contact information. Loomi AI can quickly generate five different weblayers that vary in the following ways:

  • Offer structure: Determine whether your audience prefers a percentage or a fixed dollar discount (20% off vs. $20 off) 
  • Offer amount: Experiment with different discount levels to find the sweet spot 
  • Urgency: Test variations that emphasize limited-time offers or scarcity tactics
  • Social proof: Incorporate client testimonials, reviews, or other trust signals to boost credibility with your audience 
  • Copy tone: Experiment with the tone of your copy (humorous, cheeky, professional, etc.) to see which brand voice resonates better with your audience

Wave goodbye to cumbersome design work and manual A/B testing — Loomi AI seamlessly tests these variations and optimizes them for maximum impact.

Start Winning Faster With Bloomreach Engagement

The power of Loomi AI in Bloomreach Engagement means you get more control over your success. Our new AutoSegments, Loomi Analytics Assistant, and weblayer variant generation features will take your ecommerce marketing to the next level.

With these tools, you can achieve laser-focused audience targeting, optimize campaigns for maximum impact, gain a deeper understanding of your customers, and make data-driven decisions quickly and easily.

Best of all, you no longer have to spend hours wrestling with reports and A/B testing. Instead of struggling with data, Bloomreach Engagement and Loomi AI enable you to take full advantage of the data to help your brand achieve explosive growth. 

Curious to see what else we have planned for Bloomreach Engagement? Check out our product roadmap. Or, start taking advantage of these AI-powered features by booking a personalized demo today.


Jonathan Senin

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Bloomreach Engagement
Jonathan Senin is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Bloomreach. He has over seven years of experience in ecommerce martech across personalization platforms, CDPs, chatbots, and more. Jonathan was super excited to join Bloomreach because of its product strength: a truly omni-channel platform that can do it all. Outside of work, Jonathan likes to play tennis, cuddle with his dog Luna, and play Gran Turismo 7.

Valentina Benaglio

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Bloomreach
Valentina brings 5+ years of CRM, marketing, omnichannel, and ecommerce expertise to her Senior Product Marketing Manager role at Bloomreach. By leveraging her passion for helping ecommerce brands succeed with the latest tech, Valentina helps Bloomreach to differentiate in a saturated market and find the ideal customers who will benefit from the platform by understanding their pain points and objectives.  

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