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How Vitkac Creates Win-Win Experiences With Bloomreach Engagement

Vitkac is Poland’s most exclusive shopping center, which connects its customers with high-end, luxury brands in its beautiful Warsaw department store. 

To complement its successful brick-and-mortar location, Vitkac also has an online shop where customers can hunt for the same luxury goods from the comfort of their devices.

return on investment in six months
rise in conversion rate in five months
boost in conversion rate in the first 11 days

The Challenge

Despite its best efforts, Vitkac knew that it had a long way to go to improve the user experience and functionality of its website. The original website experience was missing relevant links to product pages that typically helped customers connect with the best product for their needs. 

Vitkac wanted to find a way for users to easily navigate from product to product instead of making them go back to the main category page each time, which would end in a frustrating user experience.


The Solution

Bloomreach Engagement, which is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), was the perfect tool to help Vitkac’s website become more easily navigable. More specifically, Vitkac tapped into Bloomreach's powerful customer data engine to match customers' real-time intentions

The company didn’t have to go down the expected route and add “bestsellers'' or “recently viewed items” to their product detail pages. With Bloomreach, Vitkac could utilize a powerful recommendation model to stand out from the rest. 

Thanks to agile artificial intelligence on the back end of its website, Vitkac could suggest products to customers that they would actually be interested in purchasing. First, Bloomreach focused on in-stock items only. Nothing disappoints customers more than being recommended an item they’d like to buy, only to find out that it is not currently available. 

Next, the technology solution shifted away from recommending previously purchased items, which is ultimately a placeholder that lacks true insight. Instead, Bloomreach ensured that the customer would be shown products pertinent to their individual buyer’s persona.