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Hornby Hobbies Achieves Fast ROI With Bloomreach Engagement and Discovery

Hornby Hobbies has been in the business of developing, manufacturing, and supplying hobby and toy products for 102 years. Based in the UK, the company is home to 12 collectible and scale-model brands with 24 websites, serving a global market with truly iconic brands spanning model railways, slot racing, die-cast models, and plastic model kits.

lift in revenue from email campaigns within four months of implementing Engagement
increase in conversion rates within two months of implementing Discovery

The Challenge

Like many toy and hobby brands, Hornby Hobbies traditionally operated on a B2B business model, selling products through larger merchants, local retailers, and model shops. But recently it decided to embark on a digital transformation project — one that would allow the company to fully own its relationship with individual customers.

Aiming to expand its direct-to-consumer channels, Hornby Hobbies knew that its current technology couldn’t support the type of digital commerce growth it was looking to achieve. The brand wanted to replicate the personal and communal in-store experience that customers received in their local hobby shop. 

To match this level of personalization on their digital channels, Horny Hobbies needed real-time access to customer data, advanced segmentation capabilities, and more control over its on-site search and merchandising.

The Solution

The company turned to Bloomreach for both its marketing and its search and merchandising needs to make its goals a reality.

Using Bloomreach Engagement, Hornby Hobbies can now collect, connect, and activate their customer data in effective and personalized campaigns. With access to all its customer data in one single customer view, the company can target specific customers with specific recommendations, optimizing campaigns and offering the tailored experience that customers expect from the brand.

By implementing Bloomreach Discovery, Hornby Hobbies revamped their site search to operate with the same level of personalization that customers would get in a store. Discovery’s intelligent, flexible product search deeply understands customer searches and intent, allowing the company to control how products are ranked and serve relevant results at the query level for each individual user.

The Results

In just a few short months since implementation, Hornby Hobbies has achieved impressive results.

The company saw a 34% lift in revenue from email campaigns within four months of implementing Engagement. Utilizing targeted product launch promotions and automated follow-up campaigns featuring product recommendations, Hornby Hobbies has been able to capitalize on its customer data right from the start.

Within just two months of implementing Discovery, Hornby Hobbies enjoyed a 10% increase in conversion rates on their websites. The flexibility and control of our intelligent search functionality offers more informed and personalized results, catering to every kind of customer query — whether they are looking for a specific product, hoping to learn more from informative content, or connecting with other like-minded hobbyists in their community forums. 

The fast time to value and quick implementation has been game changing for Hornby Hobbies’ strategy and goals, and this is just the start of the transformative growth that the company expects with our solutions.