The Key Ingredient to Personalized Shopping Experiences

Turn casual shoppers into brand advocates with customer journeys so personalized, they feel like magic. With Bloomreach’s AI-driven site search and omnichannel marketing automation, you can optimize every touchpoint to boost conversions, foster loyalty, and satisfy each customer’s unique needs.

Empowering Insights and Customer Connections

Create Truly Connected Customer Journeys

Harness your data to curate customer experiences at scale. Bloomreach collects and organizes all your data to give you a comprehensive understanding of each customers’ relationship with your brand, linking in-store and online interactions so you can orchestrate seamless customer experiences no matter where a shopper’s journey takes them.

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Get Intelligent Insights

Empower your merchandising teams to make faster, smarter decisions with analytics dashboards designed to hit all their KPIs. Cut down on decision time with AI-powered insights that pinpoint the best opportunities to improve revenue, increase order values, and more.

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Deliver Timely Notifications and Offers

Stay top of mind with informative campaigns across email, SMS, in-app messages, and web banners. Send personalized messages about restocked items, price changes, and special events based on each customer’s past purchases. Target key audiences with coupon deals to boost margins, curate product recommendations based on brand preferences, and more.

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Why Bloomreach?

Our Solution Is Fully Stocked With Features You Need for Success

AI-driven site search and merchandising means more revenue for your business and a better experience for your customers. Get both with Bloomreach.

Real-Time Personalization

Adapt your search results based on each searcher’s specific context, accounting for demographics, the neighborhood or store they shop in, regional tastes, dietary preferences, and more.

User-Based Recommendations

Increase your average order value (AOV) with personalized recommendations, like recently viewed and previously purchased items.

Best-in-Class Semantic Understanding

Serve the most relevant results with semantic understanding that can recognize customer intent for “milk chocolate” vs. “chocolate milk.”

SKU-Level Intelligence

Promote in-stock products by automatically reranking them using SKU-level intelligence.

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