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Terno Increased Conversion Rate 27% With Bloomreach and Voxwise

Terno is a retailer from central Europe that operates two supermarket brands with over 150 stores of various sizes. Together with its customers and regional producers, the B2C grocery retailer and B2B wholesaler form a community that cares about health, wellness, and food accessibility. 


increase in conversion rate in comparison with non-personalized weekly campaigns

The Challenge

Ecommerce personalization is crucial for grocery companies that are trying to retain customers. Personalized experiences can improve customer engagement and satisfaction, which can lead to increased loyalty and repeat purchases. Grocers that are able to provide customized recommendations based on a customer's past purchases, preferences, and browsing behavior can create a more personalized shopping experience that encourages customers to come back again and again.

Working with Bloomreach partner Voxwise, Terno learned that its average customer grocery shops about every 3.5 days. With this data, Terno began to work with Voxwise on how to attract customers back to its stores, rather than buying from its competition. 

How could this be done? With exceptional ecommerce personalization strategies designed to keep customers loyal to its brand. 


The Solution

Together with Voxwise, Terno created and launched the “empty fridge” scenario in Bloomreach Engagement. This scenario uses customer data on multiple levels, personalizing content with customer retention in mind. 

Using compliantly collected customer data, Terno knows when the last time a customer last shopped with its store. With this data revealing individual purchase frequency, Terno can predict the optimal time to remind customers that their refrigerators are getting empty. 

This is the main trigger to a personalized campaign that reminds customers of their favorite Terno grocery items that they repeatedly purchase. This places the idea in the mind of the customer that it is time to plan a visit to their favorite store to restock. 

Within that personalized campaign, customers see their shopping list to remind them of items to restock. If items on promotion match a customer’s favorite items, these are highlighted. 

Using Bloomreach Engagement to power these personalized marketing campaigns with previous purchase data helps Terno to act as a personal grocery assistant to shoppers so their needs can be met when looking online for groceries. 

By collecting and aggregating data from various points, Bloomreach Engagement enables Terno to create a single customer view. This valuable information allows Terno to gain insights into customer preferences, behavior patterns, and individual customer needs. This empowers Terno to tailor its product offerings and marketing strategies accordingly. 

The Results

Thanks to Voxwise and Bloomreach, Terno is now enhancing its personalized communication and offering a personalized experience to customers while simultaneously increasing revenue and customer retention. 

Terno is regularly personalizing marketing communications for customers and presenting them with products that are personalized to them. This leads directly to more conversions. In comparing non-personalized weekly campaigns to the “empty fridge” scenario campaign, Terno saw a 27% increase in conversion rate.